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  • tomiiino
    Oct 7, 08:02 PM
    Apple needs to do something about his supplies of iPhone 4 ... still in a lot of markets waiting time for an iPhone 4 is 3 or more weeks! Supplier can't keep up. It would be very logical to cut share of the iPhone 4 sales.

    There are some rumours that Apple bought out whole stock of AMOLED displays from Samsung? What for???

    look at twitter post from Eldar Murtazin who has incredible valuable information before hand - http://i.idnes.cz/10/101/gal/ADA363fce_eldarmurtazin_twitter.jpg

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  • citizenzen
    Apr 13, 05:50 PM
    There can be many valid reasons for refusing service to some people.

    Exactly. Like they're racists who disrespect your minority employees.

    That's an excellent reason to tell a customer to take a hike.

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  • kingtj
    Sep 1, 10:03 AM
    For starters, what if I went to a public library or Internet cafe and downloaded updates or a torrent? What if I stumbled onto someone's unsecured wireless router and borrowed their connection to do it? The ISP knows they handed out an IP to a given subscriber at a certain time, but they *can't* prove WHO downloaded specific files based on that.

    Heck, just recently, I fixed some wi-fi problems for a customer. His Linksys router worked great until 2 weeks ago, when his computers suddenly had problems connecting reliably. Turns out, his SSID of "linksys" matched someone across the street who also bought the same model of router, leaving their default SSID of "linksys" in place too. His PCs saw two devices with good signal strength having identical names and were alternating between using his and using his neighbor's router. (Neither person had WEP or WPA encryption set up.)

    ...Which your ISP has kept a record of that YOU had that dynamic IP at a specific date and time. Your ISP knows when and for how long they hand out each IP address. It's called record keeping. I know which user on my LAN at my business has which DHCP given IP. It's simple historical data.

    Think RIAA and all the John/Jane Doe lawsuits

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  • flopticalcube
    May 3, 10:39 AM
    Me neither. I thought you Canadians were smarter that this. ;)

    I blame you Americans. Too much Housewives of Nebraska and The Apprentice.

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  • p0intblank
    Oct 26, 02:47 PM
    Cool, more software is a good thing. No support for PowerPC users is just unfair, though. :( Oh well, I have no interest in it anyway. Now if it was Photoshop CS3... then I'd be pissed! :p

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  • Messy
    Mar 20, 10:12 AM
    I really, really wanna try this thing out. I suspect the price will be prohibitive for me, i just cant see myself spending that sort of money on such a small thing.

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  • DTphonehome
    Nov 11, 06:16 PM
    That's because there is no "L" sound in Japanese, and the "R" sound is what comes closest to the English "L" sound.

    Is there something funny about that?

    Yeah, because I didn't think the stereotyped Japanese pronounciation was accurate, but there it is : )

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  • illitrate23
    Oct 6, 11:09 AM
    If Shaw Wu _ever_ gets a prediction about an Apple product right, the world will come to an end and the universe will implode.

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  • PowerFullMac
    Jan 15, 03:22 AM
    I'll join the iChat :)

    I didnt know you had a IRC, MacRumors! I'll add that, too!

    Thanks :)

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  • AxisOfBeagles
    Mar 2, 10:15 AM
    The purpose of the Challenge is to provide a venue where photographers of all skill levels can work to improve their craft by shooting along a common topic for two weeks - one fortnight. Helpful comments and critiques are key to reaching the intended goal - better photography.

    About Your Photos

    Shoot for the topics listed on the schedule. You may shoot for upcoming topics, but post photos only to their matching Challenges.

    You may post as many photos as you wish for any one Challenge.

    About Your Comments

    Comments are critical to the success of the Challenge. If you post a photo, add a comment to another one. If you are only viewing, please add your comments, too.

    Comments should be meaningful, something that the photographer can use to improve his/her work. Explain why you like or dislike a photo. Spend a moment looking at a photo before commenting on it. Try to answer the question "I like this photo because�" It really helps the photographer.

    The Topic Schedule is:

    Contrasts March 2 - 15

    Upcoming Topics:
    Beauty in Unexpected Places (March 16 - 29)

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  • MacsRgr8
    Sep 27, 02:50 PM
    I don't know what to tell you. Couple days after I installed 10.4.7 , major issues happened on my quad. I end up with my computer at Apple for repair and 3 weeks later they figure out a combination of 10.4.7 and my GT7800 card were the issue.
    Now, I have a new GT card and I use 10.4.6. The kernel comes once a week. So the problem in some way still persist. I hope the new 10.4.8 will address this issue. If not I'll go back to Apple and request a new computer in exchange for the one I have.
    I don't know, I love my quad but I have to say I was pretty upset with this whole fiasco. I wish Apple had a loaner program for professionals using powermac. That way we can still productive while the computer is being repaired. I would not mind to pay a little more on applecare to get such a service.

    I have a Quad G5, GeForce 7800 GT, 4 GB RAM, and have had Mac OS X 10.4.7 installed on it ever since the update was available.
    I have had absolutely 0 problems with it!

    If this 10.4.7 update would have had a known issue with our setup, we surely would have known by now.
    You are sure no hardware can be faulty? Any 3rd party stuff? No bad RAM?

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 12, 04:41 PM
    I'm holding off on the ipad. I really like it and I'm not waiting for some future specs. I just am not sure I have enough need for it to spend that kind of cash. I have a three year old laptop and I think I'd rather save a little more money and get a new laptop than add an ipad to my collection. And I think the needs of an ipad are not that great for me right now.

    I think if I were to buy one it would be as a gift for my parents. You know these are ideal for people in the family who do not really need a full computer but you'd like to have the ability to interact with on-line. You can set it up with your own computer and occasionally update it for them. It looks to be a lot less of a headache to manage for someone who is not tech savvy than a full computer.

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  • kes601
    Apr 12, 01:22 PM
    Moving from Outlook is a good think no matter what. The databases used stinks. It chokes at about a million records and sooner or later, it will slow down, become lazy and before you know it... done. Corrupted... just like a US politician. :D

    Oh, I know. i've forced most of our employees to move to Web based as we use Google Apps, but a few select have been allowed to stick with Outlook on the Windows side (or in this case Mail.app on OS X).

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  • Sharky II
    Sep 25, 10:45 AM
    Which cameras in particular. It already supports all the serious Pro cameras if you ignore the very recently announced Canon and Nikon amature DSLRs.

    My brother is a photographer, and has a medium format mumiya camera with digital back

    It supports his SLRS, but not his mumiya

    So, he can't really use aperture.

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  • Counter
    Oct 10, 08:14 AM
    Digital distribution of movies isn't going to put any sizeable dent in dvd sales for a long time. If ever at the current prices, which I extremely doubt will be reduced.

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  • Luap
    Feb 21, 11:02 AM
    He had a liver transplant.... Alcohol is a no-no after that!

    This is true only if the transplant was because of alcohol related reasons (IE, alcoholism) There are any number of other reasons why one could have a liver transplant, and in those cases, those people can have a drink like anyone else.

    Thats not to say there isn't other medical reasons that Jobs isn't drinking. And if there is, it is unlikely to be related to the transplant.

    Or.. Maybe he just didn't want to drink!?

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  • diogenis
    Jan 5, 12:44 AM
    I don't get what's the problem with Garmin's view. Garmin decided to go live and have upto date maps and traffic alert. I can imagine they also have some sort of cash so you only have to d/l the map once and then it lives in your iphone. It also has an amazingly small footprint - weighs in at only 8mb and this is another cool feature of the program!

    Besides, none said you cant have garmin for live updates and news + navigon or tomtom as a standalone gps.
    I like Garmin's approach, wish they make it for Europe as well

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  • KentuckyApple
    Jul 6, 01:47 AM
    It is possible, but I would not recomend it if you are at all impatient. If you can, just burn her data onto CDs. Windows 98 has pretty poor networking and it is also very slow. There is a utility called DAVE by Thursby software that will help you. I believe they have an evaluation version that works for a month (long enough for you to do your job). Also, you will need a hub or a crossover ethernet cable.

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  • mgauss
    Oct 16, 10:03 PM
    The world is ready for the "computer we carry" that "syncs with the computer at home and work."

    The iPhone will also let Apple hook the user into the whole Apple experience by giving cell users what no cell company has done: a good cell phone operating system, with friendly software.

    If Apple misses this opportunity, it will be the defining moment in its history.

    Apr 5, 09:05 AM
    Hard not to see the iPad 2 as a great product, even for CU. I'm surprised they didn't find something that would prevent them from recommending it.

    Nov 14, 02:17 PM
    Does anyone else find it really really really weird that Apple would announce it today and an airline that is mentioned is denying that a deal was even close to fruition? Someone got their lines crossed/translations screwy I think. Sheesh.:confused:

    Apr 1, 02:06 PM
    Just because a channel can't garner enough subscribers doesn't mean it's crap. Look at the stuff these days that get the ratings. This is what cable TV may be reduced to if forced to go ALC.

    I'm not saying that ALC is bad; some days, I'm on your side. I flip flop on this all the time because there are such goodsides and downsides to this. Change can be good, but there are always unintended consequences to change. In the end, it's just TV, so there's nothing earth shattering. Just good, honest debate.

    BTW, this has gotten way off topic. Sorry.

    I have a condo in Italy and The Philippines. In Italy it's about $17 USD and I get all of the channels they offer, about 120, which does include ESPN, and does include Disney... In Manila, PH I get 95 channels for $9.50 USD per month, and I get 100 channels, even HBO.

    Sure, in most international markets they don't have 17 ESPN and 15 HBO versions. But who really watches HBO Signature Black NorthEast?!?!? LOL... it's just a way the channels negotiate higher renewal rates with the cable company... like when you buy a car and they try to up the price by throwing in something else which has no value.

    May 2, 01:56 PM
    "You're holding it wrong"
    - Steve Jobs

    Sent from my iPhone

    Jun 1, 09:30 AM
    OK then so...

    Mac Hardware

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