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  • Leoff
    Nov 28, 04:22 PM
    Saw this thread, read about various people's encounters with stores selling (or rather NOT selling) Zunes, and decided to check it out for myself after work. I figure "maybe some people are exaggerating their experiences?" I'll try and give the Zune the benefit of the doubt.

    I go into the local Best Buy. I ask the "greeter" at the door if they have the new Zune in. She had heard of it, but she didn't know what the stock was and forwarded me onto "Jon" back in the mp3 player area.

    I asked Jon if they had the new Zune. "We HAD it in stock, but I know we just ran out I can place an order for you, have it here in a couple of days!"

    I was impressed. None of the instant badmouthing I'd come to expect. Untill...

    "But if you don't want to wait, we've got a lot of iPods and nanos in. I'd say your best bet is to get an iPod."

    I asked why, and soon learned that the store got a shipment of 8 Zunes. 4 were sold, one of which was returned that same day. 2 were put out on display, and since their introduction, they've broken and have been replaced by the two remaining Zunes in stock.

    Jon seemed almost too knowledgable. He wasn't a Microsoft shill, and I could tell he wasn't a Rah-rah! Applephile. He just knew that it was a very problematic piece of hardware, pointing out the dishonest advertising of wi-fi, the odd pricing scheme at the store, and some ways to get around the repeated failures of the Zune music store software installation.

    His opinion? "A good idea, but they rushed it to get it out before Christmas. They should have waited 6 months and worked the bugs out."

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  • Fubar1977
    Apr 17, 10:35 AM
    IMO, if a gearbox has a setting where it will automatically shift gears for you and you don't have to touch it, it's an automatic gearbox.

    Sure, some auto gearboxes (DSG) are better than others (torque converter) but they're still automatic.

    I must admit that, other than a couple of times just to try it out, I pretty much never use manual mode on the DSG box.
    TBH there is no-way I could manually change faster than this box can.
    In my case it`s fitted to a 2 litre turbo-diesel and the 6 speed DSG can keep the engine in the "power band" pretty much constantly if you want it to.

    In "Sport Mode" it`s so damn fierce it`s almost undriveable.
    I have embarrased many a petrol powered car in this thing :)

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 22, 03:52 PM
    The French get very annoyed about the number hanging around near the tunnel trying to sneak over.

    And we all know how much the English enjoy annoying the French. :)

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  • antmarobel
    Mar 31, 11:25 AM
    Look at this:

    Sometimes when I open any Finder window it does not show the Side Bar...Anyone having the same "experience"?...Any solution?;)

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  • dalvin200
    Oct 23, 09:33 AM

    That no longer exists. Go to the mbp page and click the core duo icon, and I get a page not found.

    This will probably change by the time anyone verifies it. :rolleyes:

    same here..

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  • jholzner
    Aug 29, 09:27 AM
    Yonah doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Merom is pin-compatible and costs exactly the same amount. Besides, it would be a PR boost for Apple to have the entire lineup 64-bit and "Leopard ready". The Mac Mini is going to use the 5000 series Meroms and the iMac is going to use the 7000s.

    Merom doesn't cost the same as Yonah! Merom costs the same now as Yonah did WHEN IT WAS RELEASED. Since then the cost has gone down and is supposed to dip lower in the coming weeks. Apple could use Yonah in the Mini and lower the price to where it used to stand.

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  • roar08
    May 2, 11:19 PM
    Microsoft have managed to get one thing right in Windows. A specific tool (Add/Remove Programs) to delete a program.

    Right, because *that* removes all traces of any application /facepalm.

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  • Leslie.Hon
    Mar 31, 10:54 AM
    I hate the new iCal design... :(

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  • nostaws
    Jan 11, 11:22 PM
    If this notebook has no optical drive and no cables (as 9 to 5 mac suggests), how will customers hook up the optical drive? How will they reload/upgrade os x?

    How about 10.5 on a flash drive? or a 4 gig sd card. Prices are cheap enough now. (not that I think they really will, but just floating an idea). and can't time machine work over airport?

    But just for convenience, there has to be a port of some sort usb, firewire, etc.

    I read that induction charging stuff. Wow, if that was the case, and it was functional, that would be cool.

    I am looking for something revolutionary this time around. A la ipod, or iphone, a new product, more than just a "mini laptop."

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  • Peace
    Jul 19, 04:57 PM
    Apple pretty much confirmed an iPhone in this call..

    He said that cell phones dont play music very well.iPods do and they were doing something about that.

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  • coder12
    Mar 25, 10:32 PM
    Wow! This looks insane!! I didn't realise that the iPad was so powerful!

    Little do you know... that the iPad can output RAW LIGHTNING!!! *Cracks of thunder* Mwahahahahahaha!!!!!

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  • tann
    Mar 25, 03:54 PM
    Wow! This looks insane!! I didn't realise that the iPad was so powerful!

    Makes me want one more now :(!

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  • Phishin' it
    Oct 23, 07:53 AM
    What are the chances the macbooks will be updated at the same time as the pros?

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  • charlituna
    Apr 12, 09:57 PM
    will final cut express get an update too?

    I am guessing yes. If it is kept at all.

    Then a similar move with Logic

    But I am curious about the rest of the suite and the remaining missing features from Shake

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  • Ted Witcher
    Mar 22, 05:40 PM
    Oh, wait, I see. Voyager.

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  • Veinticinco
    Mar 23, 04:17 AM
    an email from SEPTEMBER of last year is relevant now? maybe they didn't have plans then but are killing it now? things change

    kind of strange to mention a 9 month old email dont you think?
    Try SIX months there Jules Verne.

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  • lordonuthin
    Mar 23, 09:22 PM
    Haha. I wanted the 2.66 octo but couldn't justify the price jump (and still somehow managed to justify the quad-to-octo jump, but that's another story). Of course my times tend to deviate, during the days it's just under 33 minutes but now and then a bit of Aperture work comes in and needs CPU attention.

    I haven't noticed that bigadv units do not restart. Mine seem to restart just fine the few times I've shut FahCore down, continuing from the same frame. Does it affect the points awarded or so? Good thing I can usually bunch in the updates, last time it was a few software updates and a third HDD :rolleyes:

    I wanted the top octo but couldn't justify it :D I had never had anything but the lowest Powermacs (G3 & G5) or, cough, Performa, so I splurged.

    The bigadv units NEVER restart on my machine :mad: it only affects the points to the extent that I'm restarting from zero and not where I was at oh say 90 percent or something. I will work on consolidation as soon as I have my Victory Vegas ( with new paint back together :p:p it's an 04 with silver goldish paint and a 1500 cc engine :cool:

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  • jxyama
    Apr 6, 11:22 AM
    actually, nevermind. i don't care anymore. you are clearly not reading what i've been posting anyway.

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  • faroZ06
    Apr 3, 01:25 AM
    Has piano music like the oooold Mac ads. I guess they're addressing the complaints about how the Xoom (which is a piece of junk) has more RAM. Who cares? :cool:

    Aug 7, 05:32 AM
    Apple releases a "Windows killer" :p

    Apple Bricks for Windows? :p :p :p

    Jan 11, 07:04 PM
    AppleMatters believes a new MacBook - not MacBook Pro - will be announced at MWSF.

    So this could be it, if true.

    Sep 14, 01:46 PM
    Rehashing old news for front page?

    Consumer reports said they gave it a non recommendation months ago, they haven't change it.
    So why re-reporting the same thing?

    Thats like a cop saying "STOP! Or I'll say stop again!" :rolleyes:

    Danger! Will
    Feb 6, 09:07 AM
    It replaced my 2001 SAAB 9-5 Aero.

    Nov 27, 01:49 PM
    Don't they already make one? Its called a 17" MacBook Pro... :)

    Yes, they also make an iMac.

    No way people get a MacMini and a MacBook Pro. Pull out the display, hack it in a dell casing etc...:confused:

    BTW, with the intro of the low end iMac, I find this to be bogus.

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