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tibetan tattoo designs

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  • DeusInvictus7
    Apr 21, 09:11 AM
    As soon as Sandybridge based MBA's arrive, I'm buying.

    Don't want an outdated C2D and Nv's video chipset, I've seen the HD3000 in action and it's very good. Does everything I want and much more.

    From what I read, the Intel HD 3000 is actually better-performing on OS X than the Nvidia 320m. People are paranoying this Intel 3000 issue like it's the plague, while in reality they are basically the same in terms of performance.

    I don't have the money, but if I was to buy a MBA, I'd surely buy it once the Sandy Bridge version came out.

    You guys are forgetting that the LV and ULV version of the HD3000 is underclocked compared to the normal voltage version. So while the normal ones are the same as the 320M, the underclocked LV and ULV ones are definitely not going to match up to the 320M.

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  • amateurmacfreak
    Jul 10, 06:01 PM
    That's really intense. I didn't know it would garner that much dedication out of Nashville people. (I would be in Nashville getting mine, but alas, I am out of town... I would probably be at the GH Apple Store, though...)

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  • remmy
    Dec 17, 08:46 AM
    Explain how it's adding unpredictability if we're being told what song to buy, to get to No.1? By my definition that's the complete opposite of unpredictable.

    If it's "just some fun" then that's a different story...but it's not. It's about people getting all whinny because they think Simon Cowell is taking over the music industry, and leading us like sheep to make his song's No.1. If you don't like the damn XFactor songs then quite rightly don't buy them! Buy what you want to become No.1. But when when people deliberately try and manipulate the results, thinking it will "teach that man a lesson", it becomes less about the music and more about some stupid battle with Simon Cowell!

    The song I want to see at No.1 is the song that I like most at that particular time, not the song that I think will give the best metaphorical finger to Mr. Cowell.

    Even if lots of people do by either track we do not know who is going to get the most. I would guess its still likely to be the x-factor finalist. Do you know who it will be, are you 100% put your life savings on it certain. If it was only X-factor then it would be certainty isnt it? Because there would only be 1 song in the race.

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  • -Translation-Tattoo-Design

  • Tomorrow
    Apr 28, 09:13 AM
    so a prius does the same amount of damage to a road as full size RV?

    It might - read below.

    Highly doubtful it's even twice as much 'damage'. An extra 1000lbs rolling along on the same type of rubber tires isn't going to increase wear all that much.

    It's not weight that damages the roads, it's pressure. Too much weight concentrated on too small a space is what damages asphalt (and concrete, to a far lesser extent). That's a function of pressure in the tires - two vehicles with the same tire pressure are doing the same amount of damage to the road, regardless of their respective weights.

    True enough, a truck weighted down with a full load might have 60 psi in the tires, whereas most passenger cars are in the 30-35 psi range. But in this sense, a small car and a big car (or light truck) are doing about the same amount of damage to the road.

    Here in north Texas, it's very true that the majority of damage to the roads comes not from any vehicle, but from unstable soil underneath the roads. I imagine there are many places across the country where this is true.

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  • tktaylor1
    Apr 25, 04:28 PM
    What about the other lists posted? anyway, you seem to admit that there are 140 things that count on that list, so that is a lot more than you claimed he had done.

    Yes there are 140 things on that list out of the 500. Out of those 140 a lot of them are BS things, petty things that really don't matter or things he really doesn't have to do such as encourage things.

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  • I want a tibetan tattoo like Melanie!

  • brucem91
    May 4, 09:45 AM
    Yes this is partially the reason. The other reason is that Apple refuses to even allow the option of current generation video cards in their products. Even when they upgrade they are often not top of the line. The best card on the imac you can get is capped at 512MB which was starting to be a small amount of video memory even back in 2006. I think a current generation gpu should at least be offered as an option.

    Yes Windows has had "minimize" too for many many years. Just press Alt-Tab, this is not exclusive to OS-X.Not minimize, but rezize on the fly. However, i'm not to sure about the graphics card argument, because, like you said, the game runs better on the same mac, just in windows, which I have also noticed, but I still prefer to run SC 2 in OS X.

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  • Warbrain
    Apr 5, 09:02 AM
    Apple would not put a capacitive home button. If anything, they'd remove the home button all together and use some of the new gestures that appeared briefly in iOS 4.3 to multitask and go home.

    Have fun using those on a 3.5" or 4" screen.

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  • The design, on her left

  • cantthinkofone
    Mar 21, 09:24 PM
    There's a chain email going around here in NZ saying not to buy from BP or Mobil for the rest of the year. I'm not expecting it to do much good though...

    I hate those. Or when I hear people talking about it. How do they expect that to do anything?

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 22, 07:02 PM
    1. Real men ride Harleys.

    And Mac users consider themselves as computer savy, LOL! They prefer a simple OS that a monkey could use. Now that's savy.

    No, that's smart. ;)

    And that's the genius behind that OS.

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  • mazola
    Sep 25, 10:33 AM
    It's about time for a refresh!

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  • ghostshadow
    Nov 28, 08:26 PM
    These look extremely nice. I really like the looks of the hard case. Might have to see about picking one up.

    tibetan tattoo designs. Concept Idea: A tattoo design of a back piece with a tibetan skull with
  • Concept Idea: A tattoo design of a back piece with a tibetan skull with

  • Object-X
    Nov 21, 04:57 PM
    Does this mean we might actually see a 3GHz G5 Powerbook? :rolleyes:

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  • tattoo designs with names.

  • Mac-Addict
    Oct 26, 05:14 PM
    Just got back from Regents! Scored a t-shirt and got Leopard. I feel bad for the people who didn't realise you could go upstairs and check out.

    Thats what happened to me and Spanky Deluxe! Lol we got in the store and was getting screamed at by the apple staff who were blocking the way to the bottem back of the store so we thought we had to go upstairs :D It was a fun experience!

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  • inked this Tibetan tattoo,

  • Kengineer
    Sep 22, 06:33 PM
    Anyone know whether or not the IMACs are going to be updated in the next few months?

    I am starting to look for a new computer (switching from a PC to a MAC) and trying to get a handle on when possible updates might be released if any. I would hate to buy in the next couple months when all I had to do was wait until the end of the year.

    Thanks for the help...:)

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  • Tibetan Tattoo Design Sample 2

  • darkplanets
    Apr 5, 07:42 PM
    Am I the only one that's happy about adapters?

    I feel they give the maximum flexibility for the minimum port interference; I'd rather have 4 of these good-for-any-use ports on my computer than a set number of fixed use ports, some of which never get used.

    I guess it's just me?

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  • bdj21ya
    Oct 9, 04:17 PM
    Just what can Target say? "If you allow Apple do do something that might cut into out DVD sales we will intentionally sell fewer DVD" Kind of like holding a gun to your head threatening to shoot.

    Good analogy, except it's also like the guy holding the gun to his own head is worth millions of dollars to the person he's making the threat to (the threat to shoot himself). So the person he's making the threat to has to ask, is this guy rational, or no? If not, maybe it would be best to placate him. However, if you think he's going to act in his own self interest, call his bluff.

    I doubt Target would go through with any kind of threat, since it only makes sense to retaliate if you think it will affect future behavior (hurting yourself once may be worth it if it's going to make your future threats more believable). Ahh, I love game theory. But what future behavior is Target going to care about affecting? Do they foresee several similar battles with the movie studios that might turn their way if they carried out this threat?

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  • Potus
    Nov 14, 05:21 PM
    Charles Carroll, a devout Roman Catholic, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.:rolleyes:

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  • Pinup Tattoo Designs Art Free

  • lordonuthin
    Apr 23, 11:14 PM
    Welcome king mook mook and matty-p we appreciate your joining the team!

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  • Tibetan Tattoos

  • bella92108
    Apr 1, 12:22 PM
    If we're having this drama with Time Warner, imagine the chances of (NBC Owned)-Comcast ever getting Fox channels, ahahahahhahahaha

    Apr 25, 04:02 PM
    DVD's are cheap, people have DVD drives makes sense to have it available as ONE of the formats. Why do users other than MBA owners need to have it come on a thumb drive?

    Mar 20, 02:57 PM
    I disagree, very very small discount

    Apple should have extended the full education discount of 14% to students. As much as I love Apple's products, they're very much an overly greedy company these days. They're also possibly being myopic, as students are highly likely to buy content for the device IMO

    Very shameful Apple
    Uh, why? How is it shameful? This isn't an item that is even remotely usable for studying with alone - what other electronics company does student discount on the scale that Apple does? The iPad is a glorified iPod touch, it is not a learning device (yet), not will it replace a computer in the home unless all you use is Facebook, even then you can't upload photos without the use of another computer.
    Who cares??? its a $500 device that can replace all computer needs of any student. Period.

    I'm tired of hearing this backwater lack of imagination. Every student should have an iPad, and the great news is that most can afford one, even without "discounts".
    Sarcasm, right? Any student, it doesn't even fulfill the needs of half of all students. It can't print, for one! Nor can you put pictures or anything onto it without the use of another computer, so how exactly does it replace a computer?

    Jan 11, 05:09 PM
    Apart from the streaming fail, Garmin are way too late to the party. Even when everyone was criticising TomTom, I went and bought it and it (for me) is the ultimate GPS navigator. Free map and service updates, no streaming involved, full multitasking support, been flawless in its navigation, accurate in its info (time of arrival is almost always spot on) and there's traffic when I want it for longer journeys, albeit not free.

    The mapping display also doesn't look like a Scooby Doo 'toon unlike the Garmin app, judging from these screenshots...
    I bought TomTom, too. Relatively happy with it, even though I was a big Garmin fan before.

    Agree with everything you said. If they port over an exact copy of the Nuvi GPS, heck even the basic one, I'd pay for it.

    I would never buy a true GPS app that needed to stream, regardless of the price.

    Garmin made their fortune with standalone GPS devices, it's a shame they didn't have the forethought to know that everyone but older people would be looking to integrate GPS into their mobile.

    The Past
    Apr 3, 08:38 PM
    Jobs called this 'Word processing with an amazing sense of style', indicating that it's a word processor � la Word. It's not. It's a basic DTP application

    Agree! I don't think one should talk about Pages and Word as if they were in the same genre.

    Sep 13, 06:25 PM
    can we jump ship already? would this effectively turn apple into a microsoft like corp?

    in any instance, they certainly are doing well, apple just can not seem to beat this speed thing.

    anyone remember an article about the difference between risk & sisk processors? It talked about windows boxes the windows processors doing just what they are no...getting enough speed to keep going, but will be limited in pushing ghz further than they really are now (ie, they could never get to 8-10 ghz with them)

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