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  • citizenzen
    Apr 7, 08:00 PM
    50 billion out of a budget of what? A trillion and a bit?

    I could remove 25% of your body weight and make you slim and sexy.

    On the other hand, I could remove less than 2% of your body weight and render you a useless, comatose, vegetable.

    It's not a matter of how much is cut as it is what is cut.

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  • Buschmaster
    Nov 2, 11:11 AM
    I'm a switcher, well, a switch backer. ;) My last computer was a PC, but that's my only PC ever.

    My brother is also a switch backer. I have a friend who is a switcher, my mom is a soon to be switcher. I have two friends who are both soon to be switchers and possibly even one or two more.

    After everyone saw what my MacBook was capable of, they all wanted to get on board. And they'll only convince a few more people who will convince a few more people. It sounds like a pyramid scam, but it's great to be back in the Mac World.:cool:

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  • benji888
    Feb 24, 09:43 PM
    It would be nice if apple added "always require password for purchases" to the parental controls. Or a checkbox that says "keep me logged in for 15 mins" on the purchase window.

    I think consumers, and Apple, should solve this "problem" without the aid of the government.

    Simple common sense. Let's see if the people at Apple:apple: have this.

    I, personally, do not want to have to use my password for every single purchase or update, so I really hope that Apple makes this an option and the government does not get involved and make it so it HAS to be entered for every purchase, that would suck :(

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  • PatrickKB
    Mar 11, 09:11 AM
    I am planning on heading down not sure on the time though, I am trying to call the store to get an idea but the line is busy.

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  • HBOC
    Mar 29, 01:16 PM
    here are some good references to get a grasp of the differences. As others have stated, the lens is the same focal length, but on a smaller sensor body (APC), the image is essentially "cropped". Some websites..

    Site #1 (http://www.extremeinstability.com/topic-full-frame.htm)

    Site #2 (http://www.petapixel.com/2010/10/02/full-frame-vs-crop-sensor-comparison/)

    Site #3 (http://www.the-digital-picture.com/canon-lenses/field-of-view-crop-factor.aspx)

    The second site is a video that is nice. 3rd site has good info.

    It is funny HOW NO ONE clicked on these links. It has all the info here, and you can see what the differences are... or people can just keep arguing.

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  • wallpaper nike. wallpaper nike

  • cherry su
    Apr 29, 01:35 PM
    They already do. They take our tax money and use it to subsidize the oil companies. And they most certainly approve.

    Ah, so the tax is used to subsidize the oil companies? That makes sense. No wonder the oil barons approve.

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  • bbeagle
    Mar 23, 01:43 PM
    This would greatly improve the usability of airplay, in my opinion.

    Imagine you had your TV on some random channel, while surfing the internet on your iPad. If your TV supported AirPlay, then you could just click the Airplay button on your iPad, and the random channel would be changed to the Airplay content. You wouldn't have to change the tuners over to Apple TV. Much more convenient.

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  • Alisstar
    Mar 13, 04:35 PM
    iPhone 4 here with iOS 4.3 installed. No issues to report with the clock.

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  • fpnc
    Feb 23, 05:36 PM
    Write to Congress, don't just complain here.

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Oct 17, 04:02 PM
    I'll hopefully be going to London for one of the stores. Either Regent Street or Kingston (because I know a Mac Genius there), I haven't made my mind up yet though.

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  • emvath
    Apr 14, 01:38 PM
    Booo! He worked for Microsoft, that means he knows nothing and that all of Microsofts "problems" will now surface on Apple devices. Unclean! UNCLEAN!!

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  • Fukui
    Apr 3, 05:39 PM
    I'm not too familiar with Ruby. What is it?
    It's useful to add pronunciation to the text for different language speakers, or usually in JP language papers so someone can know how to speak a particular Chinese character.

    It may be obscure but its very useful, especially if it was built in to Cocoa just like spelling...

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  • cvaldes
    Apr 5, 09:29 AM
    Well, this is confusing.

    Last year Macrumors posters told me in no uncertain terms that CR is always wrong.

    So how am I supposed to take this news?
    It's up to you.

    It's like addressing any other reviewer: boors, cars, movies, restaurants, music, electronics, clothing, whatever. You decide yourself if a particular reviewer's voice rings true to you.

    Some people read the New York Times' book reviews and pay care attention to Michiko Kakutani. Others couldn't care less.

    A lot of people here have a problem with the way CR conducts their reviews. That's fine. Others trust their judgment. Replace "CR" with Engadget, Gizmodo, David Pogue, Walter Mossberg, Anandtech, etc. Same deal.

    We can't tell you how to feel about this news. You have to figure it out yourself.

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  • bellis1
    Apr 3, 12:08 PM
    I'm back to word now and it has grown on me some because of the comments ability, simple thesaurus/dict, and is compatible with reference software. However, it is very slow (almost unbearable) on my stock 256mb ibook. And more importantly it does not handle figures and table nearly as well as Pages. Consequently I do most of my typing in word and then work with my figures and table in pages and include them as a separate PDF. I also have Mellel which is also nice if I just want to write smoothly without any distractions.

    And iwork is worth the price just for keynote. However, why doesn't keynote have a way to dim bulleted lists once you have gone over an individual bullet. I am envious of powerpoint only for this feature.


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  • gregorsamsa
    Nov 2, 05:17 PM
    In respect to the dedicated graphics card, I totally agree with you here. I keep saying it, but a dedicated gaming machine made in the Apple style would absolutely vault them 5% in share overnight. Maybe more.

    However in my experience, fewer people are waiting on Vista for a new machine than you may think. I'm really surprised at how little buzz Vista is getting. I've got several friends with HIGH END hardware running Vista beta now, and the all think it works great except for Aero, which to a person they have all turned off. Every single one of them complains about the speed, but say it is very solid crash-wise, especially for a beta. But when I press them if they will actually buy Vista the day it comes out, all but one said no. The main reason is that there is just nothing all that compelling there. And what with significant evidence (http://media.grc.com/sn/SN-051.mp3) that they have completely re-written their networking stack, I think I'll be with them on the sidelines waiting for a while until they work the bugs out.

    So at least in my limited experience, people who need new hardware are buying it now - and not really waiting for Vista, which may be 9-12 months off for them anyway. What this means to me is that Apple's marketshare increases can be written off as an anomaly all that easily.

    Thanks for the interesting podcast link. I wasn't unaware of Vista's possible security problems, I just never realized how bad the worst case scenario could be...despite all the delayed launches. Yes, potentially a hackers paradise, but I'd still be surprised if the final version of Vista wasn't far more secure than previous versions of W$.

    I think you're right that some people will be wary of becoming early adopters of Vista in light of all the cited beta-version problems. Many may wait for a Vista SP edition (some 12 months away). Also, there's bound to be some initial confusion for less savvy PC users when faced with 6 different versions of Vista. Despite this, I still expect many millions to be swayed by M$'s mass advertizing campaigns to take the plunge soon after launch.

    But like you, I think none of this need greatly affect Apple's steady rise in marketshare. For sure, Mac OS X will remain the best & most secure OS there is. I just have growing doubts about whether Apple's lack of dedicated graphics in their consumer Macs, combined with the novelty of M$'s new baby, won't cost Apple dearly in the long term. - I very much hope I'll be proved wrong.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    May 1, 12:35 PM
    It's so sad how the "OS Wars" has stooped to this level.

    You mean this?

    Mac users are...PRETENTIOUS!

    All other snob crap...flamboyantly rich and or wannabe rich

    clueless overbearing confidence based on ignorance.

    Not only is the "genius bar" full of retards who help more retarded retards

    Who gets this angry about computer platforms?

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  • miamialley
    Apr 12, 05:10 PM
    Anecdotally, it sure seems there are more Verizon models available than the ATT. Hmm. I got a VZ b/c the ATT were sold out the day after launch. I'm fine with it so far.

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  • pugnut
    Jan 4, 09:53 AM
    Whoever advised them to not put the maps onboard and download as needed, needs to be fired- poor decision.

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  • PlipPlop
    Apr 21, 01:22 PM
    Are they adding some decent controls though?

    Jun 19, 03:28 AM
    Does nobody realise that you have to support the exFAT format (from Microsoft, currently NOT supported on OS X, and has to be licensed by Microsoft) to be able to use more than 32 GB? (or the up to 2 TB). Otherwise if you format it with the old formats you are stuck on the same limits as you would with ad SDHC card.

    The way I see it, it's just the controller which supports SDXC, but the OS doesn't as of now. So nothing to really be happy about for the moment except that you have technology on board you can't take advantage on.

    Mar 25, 09:24 AM
    If there are any questions from children on what careers they should gravitate toward,

    Intellectual property attorney should be high on the list. Its replaced sales as a way for company's to gain revenue. Just take the results of other company's sales. No matter that they out executed you on whatever idea you claim.

    They all do it now.

    Mar 24, 01:21 PM
    Are you people seriously applauding this? What a waste of our tax dollars!! I do contracts with the Navy every single day and I know that the technology that they have will not be benefited by the use of iPad/iPod/iPhone. The military does not offer wi-fi to their staff on base. Everything is hard wired and the conduit is sealed with a tamper proof silicon. The Government is very very particular about their SIPRnet (as they call it). Without wi-fi, what use is the iPad for the military other than to give them a little treat and waste our tax dollars? They already have mobile equipment in the vehicles that is far superior to Apple's products.

    I dunno, maybe they wanna hone there skills by playing cod4 on an ipad on a rest day!

    Jan 9, 07:48 AM
    Should be in:

    Settings > Notifications > Facebook

    Although I still get NO notifications no matter what, so I can't guarantee that'll work :(

    Agreed. I still get no badges on my eBay app, though the sounds and message work just fine. No guarantee that all the options in Settings < Push Notifications will work.

    Jan 11, 06:36 PM
    My notifications stopped working. They're were fine for awhile but have since stopped working. Any ideas? Server problems maybe?

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