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  • MacFanJeff
    Mar 24, 06:31 PM
    I REALLY hope Apple will support not only those cards but also the new crop of nVidia too. The reason I do not use Apple for my development is due to them never supporting the most current cards or nVidia. I am a professional 3D artist and some of my software take advantage of the "Cuda" cores on the nVidia ones. Therefore, I simply can not do without them.

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  • twoodcc
    Apr 21, 05:57 AM
    7 mil; I remember those days, not so long ago... Grats!

    thanks. hopefully this weekend i can get some things straightened out

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  • American actress, Sarah Hyland

  • Surely
    Nov 26, 05:00 PM
    Link please!

    ....or you can, I don't know, check the image's url to determine where he bought those shirts.........

    Lurchdubious, are you building a glasses case?:p

    /ok, I'll stop now

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  • HecubusPro
    Aug 24, 05:57 PM
    man i'd love for them to include "old" yonah based chips and release a mini for $300-$400. i just want the cheapest intel rig i can buy right now as i'm "mid-cycle".

    I thought Yonah and Merom are basically the same cost-wise. That's why everyone thinks including merom in new systems won't raise the price of those systems. I could be wrong.

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  • Hallivand
    May 2, 11:21 PM
    I have a strange feeling LaunchPad might replace the Finder altogether in the near future.

    iOS-esque experience on the big screen.

    The docks staying though :D

    So I'm not complaining.

    Bit like a more funky Blackbox interface :cool:

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  • Mattsasa
    Apr 2, 07:54 PM
    did you see the backlight bleeding?!? :rolleyes:

    your kidding right?

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  • illian
    Jan 13, 08:29 AM
    maybe this banner just refers to all the rumors that have been spread throughout the year:D..you could hear/read about apple's new notebook on the internet, tv and there are even some pictures and a name. so there is something in the air and in 2 days we'll find out what it is :rolleyes:

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  • bketchum
    Sep 1, 01:58 PM
    Originally Posted by Caitlyn
    It needs:
    Glossy Screen (Even if it's only an option)
    Up to 3GB RAM (at least; 4GB would be nice)
    Merom (Obviously)

    Why Merom (Obviously). Honestly, Apple have been using a laptop processor in all their machines since January (until the Mac Pro). because only the Yonah was available.

    Would you honestly be happy spend a shed load of money on a 23" Imac that STILL has a laptop processor? Come on, Conroe will be in the new iMacs

    Gawd, I hope so.

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  • Evangelion
    Aug 25, 04:58 AM
    I hope they add a second Ethernet and Firewire to it.

    Both are pro-features, so it will be VERY unlikely that we will see them in the Mini.

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  • vand0576
    Sep 1, 12:11 PM
    Thank God I cannot already afford the 20", and am on my way to saving up enough for this kind of equipment.

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  • MagnusVonMagnum
    Sep 17, 03:34 PM
    so the iphone 4 is their highest rated phone ever, based on their tests and they do not recommend it. Doesn't that mean they need to fix their rating system?

    No, it means the product has an intermittent defect unrelated to the otherwise stellar performance.

    Point is that it IS their best phone. So Apple set out to make the best phone and CR's own testing validates that!

    You don't seem to know the difference between a terminal defect and a high performing product. If a Toyota vehicle tests better than anything else out there in every normal category yet has a defect that while rare could kill you (i.e. no brakes or massive unintended acceleration), some readers JUST MIGHT want to know about that defect. And a magazine could in no good conscience recommend a vehicle that has a potentially fatal flaw even if in every other area it's wonderful. While the iPhone is not a "fatal" flaw, it is a potentially terminal one. If the thing is constantly dropping calls simply because you naturally tend to cover the antenna with your hand (for whatever reason), you should probably be aware of this. Given all previous iPhones did not have this problem, it SHOULD be pointed out so consumers can make an INFORMED DECISION.

    But you and the other apologists on here (and that's being nice) seem to think they should ignore massive defects or that their tests are somehow flawed even though this is not a normal "testable" function. It's an intermittent DEFECT that Apple admits exists yet they do not seem to want to fix. If Toyota came out and said "we know some of our cars will potentially accelerate out of control, but we've decided we won't fix it but instead will wait for you to call us after you've discovered YOUR car has that problem" (assuming you survive it when it happens to you), I think there would be a more than a bit of uproar.... Oh wait. THAT is EXACTLY what they did and that's exactly what happened. :rolleyes:

    Don't worry. I don't expect you or any of the other Apple apologists to "get" it. You're too in love with Steve and Apple to think logically at this point. All you know is that people are ragging on the love of your life and you want it to stop!

    You like others who have bought into the google backed media campaign are totally dismissive of the top rating the phone actually got from CR and only focusing on the cannot recommend aspect. If CR cannot recommend their best product, then their rating system is flawed. End of story. Why should apple recall the top rated product in history!

    So now there's a Google conspiracy as well? LOL. :D

    All it comes down to is that defective products should be fixed by the companies that make them. Apple doesn't want to do it because they are greedy. They don't want to support their computers for more than two years these days for the same reason. They are greedy. They want you to keep buying more products more often. They don't care about long-term customers anymore because they want repeat short-term customers instead. Just wait for iPhone 5. That one will fix it. iTunes 10 is buggy as heck and crashes your computer all the time? Just wait for iTunes 11 to fix it, but be prepared to buy a new computer to use it because it won't work on anything older than Snow Leopard. Sorry, but that's not good business and it's starting to alienate some of us big time.

    so what you are saying is that if you want to buy the best smart phone according to consumer reports it would be the iphone 4.

    so you are agreeing that the iphone 4 is the best smart phone out there.

    because if you don't believe it is the best smart phone, then it means you don't agree with consumer reports. So you are in the same boat with those who do not agree with consumer reports...

    so you either defend consumer reports and also agree the iphone 4 is the best phone ever or disagree with them, which puts you in the same boat as those who you accuse of being less than you are.

    apple set out to make the best phone....according to consumer reports they succeeded. accept that fact and move on.

    Ok, based on your double post and complete illogic I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess your age is rather, shall we say, very young because what you are saying makes about as much sense as saying someone who is against drunk driving is against alcohol as well because they're so obviously mutually exclusive. :rolleyes:

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  • Full of Win
    Mar 23, 01:31 PM
    It is a hard drive with a screen! What else can they do? I suppose they could put a 1TB drive in there and add thunderbolt. . . . . That would be interesting!

    I hope they don't do much.

    The iPod is a portable media tank. Its not for web-browers, its not for apps, its not for contacts, its not for games. What Apple needs to focus on is OUTPUT. Right now its pretty sad, there is a 30 pin connector digital out and a headphone jack out. Moreover, the 30 pin output is limited in that it does not support the newest Apple adapters (VGA or HDMI)

    1. Bluetooth Output: Because it is so widespread in cars, speakers and headphones today, this makes so much sense. The battery is likely large enough that it would not cause a significant reduction in battery life.

    2. Update Digital Out to support VGA and HDMI output (with internals to match): The iPod should be able to play the same video files as the iPad 2, and upcoming iPod Touch / iPhone 5 and stream them using the HDMI and VGA adapters from Apple.

    3. Wi-Fi for Air-Play/Air-Share: Not Wi-Fi for browsing, but Wi-Fi so it can pair to an Apple TV or iPad or whatever and stream videos and music.

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  • mterlouw
    Sep 6, 10:02 AM
    i agree. i would never buy a computer that didn't have a dvd burner....and i'd never advise someone else to either
    And neither would Steve Jobs, and so he wants you to spend $799 for the feature.

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  • plumbingandtech
    Jan 13, 04:09 PM
    Apple is supposed to be building an Ultra-Portable. Ethernet takes up space. I seriously doubt it will be in the Macbook Air or whatever apple decides to call it. Wifi will be enough. This laptop is not ment to be a main computer.

    It does not take that much space. Worst case they could use a flip-jack like connector.

    If it does not ship with an Ethernet port, I will eat dirt.

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  • lewis82
    Nov 25, 01:27 PM
    I could never get enticed into high end, multi-purpose glasses unless they came bundled with OS X and I could navigate through it using just my mind. :)

    Especially when you take into account that all designer sunglasses and big brands like Oakley are made in the same factory in Italy...


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  • miloblithe
    Aug 31, 02:43 PM
    Well......you know what I mean ;)

    I do, but I also love to be an ass. :)

    I think Apple would enjoy being able to say "all superdrive, all 64-bit, all dual core..."

    And we'd enjoy hearing it. But Apple also has to gouge us for profit. It's a two way street.

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  • JoeG4
    Jan 12, 12:04 AM
    Your welcome. And just want to make clear that I meant no disrespect to the car in saying that we get it as a rental. We obviously get the bone-stock V6s, and they are really nice! I know the V8 and the SRT8 versions are amazing.

    XD I wasn't thinking that :) My first experience was in a friend's rental car, though if you think the rentals are good the v8s are insane. Wish I could afford an SRT8 too xD

    Thanks for the kind words though :D I could easily fill a thread with how I love the 300c (although I'm not so crazy about the 2011), I mean even.. upkeep: 5 years and 60k miles later, the only things I've done besides spark plugs and oil are new tires (they last about 30k miles) and tie rods (sucks to have to replace a suspension part I know). The brakes surprisingly are only about halfway through. Crazy.

    *keeps going* Winter beaters look like fun! I mean, I've never needed one (thankfully), but I can respect em with the simple wheels and spraycan paint jobs :>

    Someone really has a tata nano? :O

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 6, 12:39 PM
    Look, they discontinued the $50 BTO superdrive option on the lower end model. Are they purposely trying to drive me to Velocity Micro?The SAVE refurb page has what you want for $649. If you really want that model, pull the trigger.

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  • mrthieme
    Nov 30, 06:03 AM
    Apple has/had an agreement with Mc Intosh, the audiophile company not to do that. I wonder if they have resolved that by buying the company or a fee?

    This is a possible limitation.


    I was not aware of that, but breaking the agreement with Apple records not to get into the music distribution business has worked out for them I think.

    It's funny, the first hifi company I thought of for an Apple HT product was Mcintosh, the complete opposite design asthetic. If I could choose I would prefer someone a little further down the price scale. Rotel would be a nice match, very good performance for the money, for speakers Paradigm comes to mind.

    Sep 6, 08:29 PM
    What planet are you on?
    Planet Germany ;) The not so expensive part of it though (other Germans are quite surprised too). Macs are pretty expensive here though, IMHO. And there isn't a single store you can get Macs... in a town with 200000 people or so. Oh well...

    Jan 11, 11:30 PM
    Agreed. It's not just a bad name; it's a sin!

    How about MacBook Zephyr
    MacBook Breeze
    MacBook Frizbee

    Austin M.
    Nov 23, 02:08 PM
    The SwitchEasy TRIM case (lime color) for iPhone 4.

    Apr 1, 12:58 PM
    Wow this dev preview runs amazingly well! I cannot wait until Lion is released!

    Sep 16, 09:05 PM
    Got these from eBay for $1 each, good quality.
    Link (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290471004347&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT#ht_3465wt_913)

    Did you cracked your screen?:eek:

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