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  • RacerX
    Dec 2, 03:20 AM
    People, the single worst thing that the Mac community faces in the area of security is upon us right now...

    Little security experts who cry exploit.

    Thanks to the media jumping at anything that looks like it could be a security problem with Mac OS X, we now have security experts who are willing to make half-baked claims to draw attention to themselves. But even more frightening is the fact that the Mac community isn't a target because it is a good target or an easy target... no, we are a target because it is the most notable target these days.

    So, how do we fix this?

    Frankly, I don't know.

    The security experts are going to call anyone who questions their work names, and they seem bent on avoiding any consultation with real Mac experts before issuing press releases. I would have thought that these types of Pons & Fleischmann tactics would have died out on their own, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Part of the problem is that erroneous reports aren't being covered as widely as the initial claims.

    The other problem is that even after real, working exploits start showing up in the wild, we are a long ways off from being anywhere near where the Windows community is today. In fact, we'd be a long ways off from where the Mac community was at the peak of it's virus period (how many here actually recall those days?).

    The only thing I can suggest (which I doubt anyone will follow) is to avoid the hysteria. When a real threat emerges, you'll most likely hear about it long before you are actually in any danger from it.

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  • mc68k
    Oct 6, 06:42 PM
    yeah not worth it. on a 8 core 3GHz each step takes ~45 mins

    /24=3.13 days

    preferred is 4 days and a final deadline of 6. even if u ran a 4 core 24/7 i don't think it would complete it

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  • Surely
    Feb 28, 01:41 PM
    I disagree. He's seriously ill. Just look at the guy. He's one year older than I am and he looks ten years older.

    I'm not saying that I don't think he's abusing some serious drugs, but I think he has more control over what he's doing/saying than we think.

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  • Don't panic
    Apr 30, 02:57 PM
    good job everyone, including plutonius and appleguy

    now it is basically one spanking new 6-villagers game, starting tonight, with one wolf, one seer and likely one hunter.
    with a twist: both the seer and the hunter could also be the wolf.
    everyone is suspect.

    make it a short night guys, see you all tomorrow

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  • jsalzer
    Jul 10, 06:53 PM
    So, is this like the "Normal" view in Word? I was just mentioning to a MS fan last week that I don't understand why they call it "normal" when it hasn't been "normal" in 20 years.

    Books come in pages. Notes come in pages. When I print what I type, it prints on pages. Why would I not want to type in a page layout mode? It seems much more natural to me. The other mode just make me think of the old monochrome screened computers. Not very natural.

    I greatly agree on wanting to see the return of the WYSIWYG Font Menu. I'd also like to see a side bar as well laid out as ClarisWorks' was. Speaking of which, can we have arcs back? And those other great gradient options we had in CW?

    I know - I ask too much. I do love Pages, though. It's freed me from both Word and Pagemaker. :)

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  • AppliedVisual
    Dec 1, 07:47 PM
    On a feTw occaszzzions I have noticed that MY CAT HAS A TENDENCY to hacsssk my laptop when I12212111113e'm trying to fill out threadwww replies on 432222222222222222 macrum2ors3. I'm thinking apple might still be AT FAULTQ ON THIS QONE.

    My cat is 1 l33t h4x0r too. Although, he's more of a problem at my desktop and he ALWAYS comes around when I'm gaming online and usually at a critical moment. ...He just knows.

    I think I'm filing a patent for a USB-powered cat-zapper notebook/display peripheral tomorrow. :D

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  • quigleybc
    Aug 15, 04:23 PM
    Still... meh.

    I agree,

    Can't wait to spend $130.00 for those features !! :rolleyes:

    too bad I totally will.....:o

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  • mofo-x
    May 3, 07:44 AM
    Intel QuadCore i%? :)

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  • Badandy
    Jan 29, 01:40 AM
    Based on the verdict of the markets it would seem that Apple's potential is not so great...but you know better than that right ;)

    When stocks are being discussed from now on, please remove yourself from the proceedings.

    It was mostly the decline in iPod growth rate, but as someone said here, the market is just becoming saturated. You can thank Apple's insistence on using non user-replaceable batteries and such for sustaining some product momentum at least. You'll always have a good 10% (or so) of the market or so that replaces things ONLY when what they have ceases to work. This is where what I noted above begins to actually positively impact sales figures.

    I'm just getting this weird feeling that the baseline will be about 100. I expect a mild resurgence in the next couple weeks, nowhere near 200 or anything, but at least a 10% jump. Then I look for it to tumble down, where I will hopefully pick up some more at around 100. Of course, no one should take my complete speculation as actual advice, this is just the gut feeling I'm getting from the stock right now.

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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Apr 25, 10:43 AM
    I wonder how you'd react if your daughter was trans.

    The woman that was attacked? She's somebody's daughter.

    She is NOT a woman

    She's a MANfor crying out loud :mad:

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  • zenvision
    Oct 24, 08:37 AM
    as others have mentioned, i'm a little surprised that only the 17inch model has a 7200rpm drive option. i'm going to check with apple directly to see if i can get a custom 15inch with a 7200 drive. my audio apps don't work well with the anything slower.

    having said that, the ram, fw800 and dual layer burner are a nice addition

    i was wondering about the 5400/7200 issue as well, especially as ill be doing a lot of audio and graphics work on my 15"...do you really think it'll make that much of a difference save a few seconds?

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  • Plymouthbreezer
    Nov 16, 10:43 AM
    A new pair of Ray-Bans, for sure...Otherwise, nothing specific. I'm trying to simplify this year; I have a lot, and it's nice to give for a change.

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  • whiskeyvol
    Apr 12, 09:22 AM
    HTC sensation > iphone 5
    That is all

    comparing a phone that hasn't been released to one with absolutely zero specs? great analysis.

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  • Don't panic
    Apr 30, 08:30 PM
    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

    come on boys now, make me proud!
    I'll keep following and update the spreadsheet in my sig (maybe not til monday) as a minimal satisfaction (plus a bigger one if the village win), i have a perfect record this game, only voted to lynch the wolves!
    go villas!

    There Moyank!, I hear your apres-mort parties are to die for!
    I've got some Ol' Janx Spirit....

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  • shen
    Dec 2, 03:40 PM
    and so far, just like every other "story" of this kind, this one is turning out to be more FUD than substance.

    .....someone wake me when they post something that matters.

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  • Azadre
    Apr 13, 08:19 PM
    Might get this, might not. Don't do contracts so it would be a simple case of buying and selling. Something most people I know do. You lot (Americans) should start doing the same and stop being beholden to 24 month contracts.

    You're going to pay the same rate for your service regardless of subsidy status of your iPhone. Why pay $650 when you can pay $200?

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  • technicolor
    Oct 24, 07:39 PM
    Ok its good to know this.. I'll download the Ultimate version of Vista then, not the Home Sweet Home version :D:D:D

    F. U. Microsoft.. never gonna take any penny of mine again.. You suck and you always will..

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  • Metatron
    Sep 29, 11:29 PM
    Don't you just love AT&T? :D

    (BTW, there's a few good reasons I use Verizon.)

    One of those reasons is that there is no AT&T signal at my house.

    Having worked very closely with the head engineers of AT&T, I do feel sorry for them. As someone stated earlier, that are spending billions to upgrade the network, but all that money will only meet current demand in some areas. The iPhone is such an incredible success that AT&T never had a chance. The same would be said about Verizon had they got the exclusive contract. If you want to lay the blame at anyones feet, it should be Apple. They should have made a CDMA version and split the load between the networks.

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  • mrsir2009
    Apr 28, 06:01 PM
    Jesus christ the world will end.

    Mar 31, 01:23 PM
    Apple, we all know the mouse is dead... stop wasting time coding mac apps to look like iPad apps and coding mac os to operate like iOS, just do the obvious: ditch the mac platform all together! Make larger iOS devices that allow for the manipulation of iOS apps in windowed form and there you go, desktop operating environment with iOS.

    touch input > mouse input

    Apr 28, 11:49 AM
    I think the idea of winning and losing here is far more subtle than can be expressed in terms of market share or sales figures. The mobile OS arena is likely to mature into a three player game; Android and WinMob will take the largest user bases - I don't think any analyst would disagree with this. There is no way that Apple's model can compete on absolute sales to the multi-device approach of their competition. But that's only a tiny part of the picture.

    Look at the personal computer space. See how much money Apple makes with a fraction of the worldwide install base of Windows? If Apple can hold onto 15-20% of the mobile OS market (which I think they will) they will be the most profitable of any of the players in the game by a massive margin. What's more they are likely to hold on to the upper end of the demographic, just as they do in personal computers. Their customers will be high earners who will buy music and apps and other content. They'll be invested in the ecosystem in a way which Android users will not be.

    Right now Apple is a huge player in the smartphone business, the only player worth talking about in the tablet game and makes more money from selling personal computers than anyone out there. They own the OS and the hardware and they have placed themselves at the centre of the software ecosystem. This is an integrated approach which no one else offers. This makes them unique. No one competes with Apple because no one else does what Apple does. I don't think Jobs and co. will be weeping into their skinny lattes at the growth of Android or their market share dipping. They'll be too busy counting the money - same as their software partners who are making more from iOS development than all the other platforms put together.

    The future is bright. We consumers now have three top notch mobile OS options and dozens of great pieces of hardware. RIM will go bye-bye soon I fear - WinMob will kill them off. But we're the winners and we have a lot to thank Apple for. I worked in the mobile industry for years and I remember what passed for a smartphone before iPhone. We're living in a future dreamland compared to the crap that came before and that's massively down to Apple raising the bar. Apple wins, Android wins, MS wins and we win. Be happy people.

    Apr 13, 08:04 PM
    Yes! Finally! I've been waiting for the white iPhone 4 since launch. I'm with Verizon and I'm eligible to upgrade to the iPhone on April 22nd. Just in time. I was going to go ahead with the black, but now I'm going with white.

    Oct 24, 08:06 AM
    what happened to radical new design?

    not until Santa Rosa - summer 2007.

    im happy with this though, a proven design that has the bugs worked out. as far as i am concerned this is not a new Rev A which i would be wary of buying.

    i was tottally sold on the 17" before this update, but now that the 15" has nearly identical specs OTHER than an extra FW port and the bigger screen i am debating getting the 15 and using the extra $ to a 23" external display. hmmmmmmmmmmm

    Apr 21, 11:27 PM

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3n0vBcW5fc&feature=related :D

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