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gothic desktop wallpaper

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  • Mr. McMac
    Sep 14, 09:31 PM
    Where did you get this?


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  • Nausicaa
    Apr 22, 04:45 PM
    Why? I loved my iPhone 4 (before I lost it) but my 3GS is far easier to hold.

    I still prefer the iPhone4 design aesthetically, but the reason is the awesomeness of the exterior metallic antenna look, rather than the rectangular block shape. Although, a teardrop design would mean the loss of the external antenna, which would be disappointing from an aesthetic point of view, but something I could live with.

    Yup, I was one of the haters when the iPhone 4 leaked. I still prefer the physical design of my 3GS. The rounded edged are perfect holding the phone feels like shaking someone's hand. The iPhone 4 doesn't feel as nice to hold, even if it does have nicer aesthetics.

    I would kill for a return to the old design, but eliminate the chrome rim on the front and have the back case curl all the way up to the black face. Then made the back from a new material that doesn't crack as easily as the old plastic. Maybe a molded carbon fiber design? That would be sexy as hell. An iPhone 4 style dark grey carbon back casing flush with the now iconic black face, no shiny chrome ********.

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  • eemsTV
    Apr 14, 10:12 PM
    I'm a proud owner of a rooted Droid X, waiting for the Bionic to come out, once I saw this, I admit, I was taken with the sexiness of the phone. I'd be willing to get rid of my rooted sweet Android phone for the white. I'm such a nerd.

    Hoping this phone has a spec update like the 3GS from 3G, that would be fantastic.

    Steve guys are entrepreneurs geniuses.

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  • SkyeHack
    Jan 30, 12:29 PM

    - MacBook Air
    - iPad
    - iTouch
    - Apple Accessories

    Am I part of the Apple Family Now?

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  • miketcool
    Dec 1, 07:30 PM
    Most of these Mac attacks seem to be more predominant with social engineering hacks and user error, than comprised code.

    On a feTw occaszzzions I have noticed that MY CAT HAS A TENDENCY to hacsssk my laptop when I12212111113e'm trying to fill out threadwww replies on 432222222222222222 macrum2ors3. I'm thinking apple might still be AT FAULTQ ON THIS QONE.

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  • -aggie-
    Apr 26, 04:50 PM
    Ah, a last minute vote by Aggie. It looks like he might not have purposely bolded his original vote. Add his name to the list for tomorrow.

    I used an annoyance meter. You pegged it out. :D

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  • FreeState
    May 1, 10:05 PM
    I'm glad he's no longer a threat, but really wish we could have caught him with out spending ourselves into generations of debt...

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  • GekkePrutser
    Apr 21, 12:11 PM
    Also, the first MBA didn't have it, and they introduced it in the B revision. So they have been able to squeeze it in before where they weren't initially.

    It would be a nice selling point for the upgraded model (as opposed to the base model), same as they did with the PowerBook for a while.

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  • URFloorMatt
    Apr 22, 06:25 PM
    To everyone else here.. it's a mock-up, which means it's not real. I think we all know Apple wouldn't release one that looks like the mock-up.The iPad 2 says you're wrong.

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  • hulugu
    Dec 1, 03:37 PM
    So many Mac users are completely ignorant and oblivious to the fact that their Mac is, contrary to popular belief, not that secure in some respects. Many Mac zealots and apologists will tout how bullet-proof OS X is, how it's nothing like Windows, how it's amazingly secure - well, it isn't in some cases.

    Yep, Artie MacStrawman (, I hate that guy.

    Apple's response is, I think, much more important than the MOKB finding a handful of vulnerabilities in OSX, if they address the problem quickly and respond accordingly with a good Security Update, than I think we can still be relatively assured that OSX is safe. We'll also have to see how quickly various black-hats respond to Vista.

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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 23, 06:37 PM
    The Verizon iPhone's radio actually supports the AWS 3G bands. This phone could be as simple as a Verizon iPhone with SIM and custom firmware. It's also possible the antenna bands are different too. Still, the radio wouldn't have to be something not in a shipping apple iPhone.

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  • beany boy
    Apr 22, 11:03 AM
    Of all the things that iPhone needs soon, LTE is not one of them.

    We can all wait until its widespread, and usable.

    I agree. I am on WI-FI most of the time anyway.When my contract on my Iphone 4 is up I will make a decision on 3g or 4g or whatever. I am not interested in the fake 4g that Sprint and AT&T are using now.

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  • NickZac
    Feb 1, 09:18 AM
    MacRumors' forum - Politics, Religion, Social Issues

    I was just curious, because it seems as if it is a "different" person posting. Perhaps in a day or two we'll see you posting how your little sister or mom got hold of your MacRumors account and posted all kind of weird stuff.

    It has happened before.

    Anyway, on to better things�

    There are some things I am passionate about, and some things...oh forget it.

    This is like the 'Weird Al' rendition of the Political forum.

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  • ViViDboarder
    Jun 6, 11:29 AM

    And you're basing this conclusion jumping on, what? You win for the most ill-informed, knee-jerk, baseless response in this thread.

    I always wonder why people decide to respond to the post below mine which says the same thing but with less proof...

    Above I said the same thing with a specific example. It's not as fun to argue with someone who makes a good argument though, is it?

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  • Chip NoVaMac
    Dec 1, 11:41 PM
    Wisely my other half suggested at $75 limit for Christmas. :) Forces us to listen to each other and think more about what might be a surprise, and a thoughtful gift. This is our first Christmas together.

    So it has been fun in teasing with things that we have been finding. Though I get a pass since it is also their birthday month I think. LOL

    So far I think that what I have come up with so far, speaks from the heart in the time we have known each each other. Hesitant in sharing the details on here; since he knows this is where I hang at times... But promise to share the response I get - good or bad ROFL

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  • Hwangsta
    May 3, 08:02 AM
    Would Apple stores have any models with i7? Or is that only possible through BTO?

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  • Eraserhead
    May 2, 04:03 AM
    What about the Afghani people?

    He's not an Afghani citizen, and the Afghani government doesn't want him either.

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  • princealfie
    Oct 23, 03:01 PM
    It's not about that, it's about having a "legit" installation. Especially for commercial environments, this means that Vista will only run in legit terms if you buy the Premium versions...

    Yes, but need we be to bite into the secret M$ conspiracy then?

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  • Chase R
    Nov 8, 07:18 PM
    This downhill longboard deck (Landyachtz Evo):

    Hello 50MPH+ :D

    Dec 29, 03:41 PM
    I feel sorry for her toilet.

    When one starts approaching the weight of worlds fattest person they can no longer get to the toilet. So I feel sorry for the person with bed pan duty:eek::eek::eek:.

    Apr 13, 08:39 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    No brown?????

    Brown is the new white is the new black. As evidenced by the raging success of the brown zune.

    Apr 1, 11:31 AM

    Jan 26, 09:16 AM
    Ha sound like me...typical college student. I've been selling stuff and have returned about 4 things in the past week because they all sucked!

    I don't think this is indicative of a college student. I think it's smart to return things that aren't suited for you. I can think of many people who shop for clothes, for example, and they sit around with the tags on until they're given away because they're too small, dated, etc. ;)

    Major Reeves
    Nov 6, 05:34 PM
    Lol consumerism at it's best.

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