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  • kdarling
    Apr 28, 11:01 AM
    ... perhaps most surprisingly, the iPhone 3GS took second place in the rankings. Despite essentially being a nearly two-year-old device . . .

    That speaks volumes.

    That low price sells?

    According to your past posts, selling phones at a low price ($49 in this case) is a sign of desperation, of an attempt to flood the market.

    Heck, that's far cheaper than BOGO sales for other handsets where two people have sign long contracts.

    Or, could it just possibly be that people aren't always swayed just by price? That the device itself could be a major factor?

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  • IJ Reilly
    Jul 10, 05:45 PM
    Part of the problem is the way they market it. There was such an emphasis on templates and graphic-intensive stuff when it was first demoed in MacWorld 2005 that it's hard to think it can be a good word processor. My first thought was how it looked 100x better than Microsoft Publisher.

    Again, I think this latest rumor shows that Apple will address some of the perceptions (or misperceptions, depending on who you ask) by allowing people to dive into word processing mode and adding better search and research functions. It just might make me a convert.

    I entirely agree with you on these points. Apple is barely marketing iWork at all, let alone in a way which would help people understand its value. At MW last January I made a point of mentioning the Mac owner confusion over what Pages does to one of the reps on the floor who was demonstrating the new version. He also happened to be on the Pages programming team. (Which game me an opportunity to show him a bug I'd found. :))

    He seemed surprised to be hearing what I was telling him, and I wasn't entirely sure he believed me in the end, but perhaps this rumor reflects some understanding on Apple's part that they're not getting the message out about these applications, particularly Pages. Maybe they'll get serious about marketing in version 3.

    One other thing, I think Apple ought to be bundling iWork with most if not all of their systems, and not necessarily because we like to get free booty. The more Mac owners used iWork, the more who would see the value in forking out for the upgrades. This is exactly how Apple already markets iLife, so why they're not doing this for iWork is just plain mystifying.

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  • dgree03
    Mar 29, 09:09 AM
    The difference being:
    1. 1/3 the price at $450.
    2. Google gives all attendees an Android phone.
    3. A scalper bought a huge portion of the tickets to resell. Apple does not let you transfer tickets. You must check-in at the registration desk with government issued ID (4th year attending).

    So the reason apple charges more is because??? Seems like google is a better deal.

    Not like that matters, if you develop for OSX, iOS or both... Then the sky high price might be worth it.

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  • crhudy1985
    Jan 29, 08:24 PM
    My latest Sephora splurges!

    http://www.thecosmeticmarket.com/images/P/stiIlluminTintedMoistL.jpg http://a248.g.akamai.net/7/248/8278/20080415031007/www.sephora.com/assets/dyn/product/P212713/P212713_hero.jpg http://www.beautyalmanac.com/system/pics/3256/large/P276326_hero.jpg?1294810567

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  • wordoflife
    Apr 22, 09:25 AM
    So what is Apple waiting for with the iPhone 5?
    If there are no chips until 2012, then just give us the iphone 5 now :)

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 26, 01:38 PM
    It'll be a pathetic excuse for a cloud if it'll only stream in the US (which if they continue with this 1 datacenter model will be the case). Amazon will beat them here, hands down. Have you seen how many datacenters they have?


    ^ That vs 1 datacenter...lets think...who's going to get the better performance...

    Also, the point of the cloud is redundancy. What happens WHEN the 1 datacenter goes down (e.g power problems, network problems, natural disasters, etc)? Apple's will be wiped out in one move, Amazon just fail over to another DC location.


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  • (eciv)
    Apr 5, 08:15 PM
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5230/5594013398_365372cba1_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/57812430@N07/5594013398/)

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  • chordate68
    Oct 21, 12:33 PM

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  • deputy_doofy
    Apr 28, 10:56 AM
    .....About the the mentality of the people who buy a two year old phone just so they can say they have an iPhone.

    Not much different than people who get cheap/free (and crappy) Android phones to say they have a phone that's "good enough as the iPhone." And those phones, though they may be recently manufactured, generally run Android 1.6-2.0. Not exactly high quality...

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  • bloodycape
    Jul 12, 01:58 PM
    Not if you tie the iPod to iChat. "Videoconferencing, on the go".

    I see where you are getting at but who would want to use an ipod for video conferencing when the business user which it is aimed at rather use a phone like the Razr V3x, a pda or that new 4.5in Sony tablet pc.

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  • bigjnyc
    Apr 12, 11:21 AM
    The iPhone 4 will be a year and a few months old by September. I guess Apple can afford to wait simply because the iPhone brand has a good deal of market power, but it's still strange because their competition will be head over heels ahead of them. I hope iOS 5 is out before fall.

    Thats a good point, with the Android platform releasing a new phone every 3 days on every network and with every phone manufacturer possible, This doesnt really make good business sense for Apple.

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  • jessica.
    Jan 25, 09:37 PM
    Pretty sure there are worse things you could keep in your basement. :D

    I just bought some super cute cupcake liners in both brown and brown polka dot. :)

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  • dXTC
    Mar 10, 09:03 PM
    I have stayed out of this one for a while, but now he has gone from "sick" to "awesome" with this video on Funny or Die.


    I don't even know what to say...

    Honestly, me neither. I don't know whether to shake my head incredulously or LMAO. Did Charlie get paid for this?

    Say nothing.

    It's the only way to kill him.

    Won't happen. Chuck Norris can't even kill Charlie Sheen; the Adonis DNA-infused tiger blood is like Kryptonite to Norris.

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  • Surely
    Sep 13, 06:32 PM
    ^^^The food's pretty good. I was never disappointed.

    hubba hubba. i guess? hahaha

    3 month supply set me back $70 with copay. $370 with no insurance!! :eek: Boys are lucky.

    Nice edit.:D

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  • Tommyg117
    Aug 15, 02:28 PM
    thank goodness for the ichat upgrades.

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  • rdlink
    Apr 22, 05:24 AM
    This settles it:

    Image (http://www.emptyhouse.net/fileshuttle/samsungphone_21e9.jpg)

    This cracks me up. By the time that most Android fanboys and mainstream media outlets picked up on this one it had already been debunked. Can we let it die already? Kind of embarrassing to use a proven inaccuracy as your strongest argument.

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  • kernkraft
    Jun 6, 06:36 PM
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! My brother actually did this!!!!!!! This article is about my brother!!!!!!!!!!!! NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, he is 10 not 11

    In that case, don't read the comments. Some people blame your parents and your brother, big time.

    I'm on your side, kid. Accidents happen.

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  • zimtheinvader
    Oct 24, 07:45 AM
    woohoo, I'm finally gettin one! goodbye by 12" PB....

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  • FireStar
    Oct 31, 10:42 AM
    New bike. Haven't found a specific one though.

    Nov 3, 07:53 PM
    i engaged an octo late last week, will set up another tomorrow. they both run 24/7.

    the graphic designers using them rarely require more than 1 core anyway :)

    Apr 25, 07:53 AM
    To give you an idea how mentally backwards this attitude is: In what is probably considered one of the most backward countries in the world, in Iran, the religious leaders are completely Ok with a transgender operation. To them, a man is a man, a woman is a woman, and a man or woman who has the bad luck to be born in the wrong kind of body should get help to get the problem fixed.

    Huh? Iran isn't considered a backward country here in the UK...

    Oct 24, 08:15 AM
    there is no option of 7200RPM for the 15 inch model

    Jul 10, 08:45 PM
    I'm with you 150%. I love pages in that it just lets me create:fast. I don't like that it makes assumptions (or more, I don't like the assumtions that it makes) as to what I want to do. Your example of the dropped in graphic is dead-on. I dropped in the graphic, so probably I want the graphic. I may want to do more with the graphic, but I may not. iWeb does the same thing, and the pre-1.1 template-only-no-blank-pages thing just made it even worse.

    I'd like a tiered level Pages. Maybe an "expert mode" or something that just places things, then has better designed menus and "inspectors" to let me do what I want with it. I find the inspectors to not be well laid out or logical. Why is the text broswer in a completely different dialog than other text attributes, i.e. paragrapgh style, color, etc.? Only Apple knows. If you want to do seperate dialogs, at least give me the option to merge or tab like InDesign.

    My only two beefs with Pages is the fact that its toolset is everywhere. You've got some toolbars which only really get you to some space hogging side views and inspectors which take up tons of space just for the one or two things I need to hit. Second, it needs a built in macro language - even if its based off AppleScript (i.e. an AS menu would do then). Having AppleScript support but not accessible within the app itself makes it much harder to deal with.

    For example when I put in a graphic, I want to make it 2'' wide, shadow, move with text, wrap to the left with a black border. That's 4-5 panels I have to go through each time I add a pic. I add about 50 or so pics per doc.

    So first I'd love if they could organize the menus, toolbars, inspectors, and such a lot better. Its just so haphazard. Next the ability to script repetitive actions.

    Jul 25, 12:58 PM
    After Jobs walks out, but before he starts the Keynote. Someone should ask Steve to empty his pockets. First the mini, then the nano, this time should be the Video iPod. I am hoping for a couple more things this Keynote.
    Excellent.. excellent idea!

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