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paris france black and white

paris france black and white. Paris, France.
  • Paris, France.

  • shawnce
    Jul 21, 12:31 PM
    Although Apple is behind Gateway in market share, Apple's earnings (not revenue, earnings) last quarter (not year, quarter) is pretty close to Gateway's market capitalization!

    Not surprising given that Gateway's market share numbers come directly from the extremely low margin, low end systems they are dumping on the market. In other words they have higher volumes but they are making next to nothing (for some nearly selling at a loss) in order to get those volumes.

    ...basically the stock market knows that Gateway is not a very safe bet...

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  • Don't panic
    Apr 28, 12:26 PM
    Ouch, Appleguy. I believe you may have made our wolfish friend angry. Now we avenge you.


    Hold your guns, Annie. ;)
    it's not lynching time yet.

    thumbs up, fellow hitchhikers!
    tsk, all this time i was looking out for the vogons while it was the darn mice we should be worrying about.

    sorry you are gone appleguy, but at least you certainly helped.
    now the odds are a bit better.

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  • bizill
    Apr 26, 01:36 PM
    A little harsh here - you don't know if he payed for the music or not and it might also contain movies and other stuff. I know many people that collect lots of music CD's and movie DVDs over the many moons they are on the planet and ripping that in high quality needs lots of storage. Many people try to rip at highest quality possible and that is expensive storage wise. Just don't assume it's is stolen - might be, but you and I don't know.


    Let's just assume it's half music and half movies. That's roughly 142,000 songs and over 3000 movies. At .99 cents per song and $10 per movie, that's $170,000 if he paid for it. And he's complaining about $20 year. Hmmm....

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  • BrianKonarsMac
    Jun 6, 03:19 PM
    15 minutes?

    45 Seconds is all it took to get the facts...

    Google search: "android market return policy"

    First result: http://www.google.com/mobile/android/market-policies.html

    For those too lazy to click...

    "Returns: You have 24 hours from the time of purchase (not download) to return any applications purchased from Android Market for a full refund of any applicable fees."

    Summary: 24 Hours, not 15 minutes.
    Yep, I've bought a few apps that weren't worth the money and returned them for a refund. It's a nice system, because you can then see if the app is actually worth the purchase to you.

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  • sprtnbsblplya
    Sep 16, 09:30 AM
    1 Chocolate birthday, 2 chocolate pb swirl, 2 pumpkin spice, 1 red velvet, and 1 vanilla/chocolate. Picking them up tomorrow

    Nice. How were the pumpkin ones? I'm thinking about getting my wife cupcakes instead of a traditional cake for her bday.
    I go to school at Gtown down the street so its just a quick stop on the way home.

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  • arkitect
    Mar 31, 10:29 AM
    I am not too keen on this "cartoony" 3D effect Apple seem to be going for.

    Torn off pages… faux-leather binding… I mean doesn't anyone else think it is a bit corny?
    It really does seems as if the cutesyeness of the iOS is spreading over to OSX.

    I'd prefer a clean modern OS with usability first and foremost.

    Screw the gratuitous eyecandy…

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  • Kardashian
    Jul 25, 08:59 AM
    Oh... I was right!

    �49 for a mouse. Wonderful. If this was a brand new design, with new features, never been done before, give me 2.

    Sadly, Apple aren't exactly leading the way with mice, so they shouldn't be able to charge these prices! :mad:

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  • MacSA
    Jul 24, 05:24 PM
    I dont know what people see in the Mighty Mouse, I tried one out in a local computer shop and found it VERY frustrating to use.

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  • hatehereyes
    Sep 17, 02:34 PM
    Just got this for $30 :D


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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 29, 10:43 AM

    Although the blatant party line vote may have been a little too telling, I still think it was a genuine attempt to save a fellow wolf.

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  • Doctor Q
    Dec 2, 12:20 PM
    In this case, it has been examined, and the result is that there will be a Kernel Panic.

    The important thing is, there is no security risk. Nobody can use this to install a virus or adware on your computer. They can use it to crash your computer - once if you are clever, twice if you are not quite so clever, but not more often. They can't do anything but crash the computer.Mac OS X is so stable that I am perfectly comfortable working for an hour in between saving my open files. If I was likely to run into websites that purposely exploited a flaw to crash my Mac, I'd have to change my habits and live more defensively.

    Sure, losing work would be my fault for not saving after each keystroke, but I'd still blame the website. For example, suppose it was a site pretending to take a political poll, but if you voted against their favored choice, they punished you with a system crash. Even if this is not a security concern, it's a concern, and I'd like to see it fixed.

    These types of reports don't panic me and I'm glad that Apple does pay attention to most bugs and security concerns. I don't expect them to avoid all glitches, only to make a reasonable effort when programming their O.S. and applications, and to fix problems that are later revealed.

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  • notabadname
    Apr 22, 05:48 PM
    That seems impossibly thin. Where are they going to put the hardware? Take the thickness of the glass and backlighting & the back-plate away and there's nothing left on the lower half.

    Sceptic here.

    paris france black and white. Of A Clock Tower Paris
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  • Legion93
    Apr 24, 04:29 AM
    You Americans, you'll die overdosing cheeseburgers in McDonalds and use the cooking ovens as coffins

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  • Apple...
    Apr 22, 04:26 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I can't see them making the iPhone look like the iPod Touch.

    Me neither. I HATE the mock-up.

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 24, 10:48 PM
    This sucks. The iPhone will come out later than expected, and no LTE. What are they doing?

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  • KoukiFC3S
    Mar 16, 12:32 PM
    Anyone going tomorrow?

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  • Musubi
    Nov 3, 08:36 PM
    Dont count Parallels out. They will eventually have multicore support in their app, and i am sure will keep getting better over time.
    The single core support currently is a design decision. Per a note by Andrew (of Parallels) (http://forums.parallels.com/thread5395.html), "One core is used by Mac OS X and the other core is used by Windows XP - it brings excellent resource management and optimal performance for both systems running simultaneously."

    Thus it can be presumed they may end up allowing multicore as an option in future releases.

    The good thing about having two companies in this space is the competition will result in two better Mac products. I've just finished installing XP Pro on Fusion but the beta test agreement has a note about confidentiality regarding the discussion of benchmarks/performance data of the beta. Upon starting a VM, a sheet drops down noting there is debug code and logging which affects its performance. Thus, comparing it's current performance against Parallels isn't fair game at this time. Outside of that, the user interface is a bit more spartan (not much configuration options including the ability to tweak an already created VM) than Parallels. The VM setup while not much different than Parallels Desktop feels more streamlined. Fusion also drops down sheets with plenty of information to help make the setup process idiotproof (all of those dialogues can be turned off by checking the provided box).

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  • digitalnicotine
    Jan 31, 04:37 PM
    Say hello to Odin...

    What a cutie! :)

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  • Chase R
    Dec 6, 01:19 AM
    you could not be more wrong.....

    if you take guns away from the legitimate and responsible owners, then what does that help? did you really make a difference? no....

    and all the criminals will still have there guns.

    and all the sudden they have just as much power as the law enforcement, and now they don't have to be afraid that I might have my gun when they rob me. because we don't have our guns....

    Hey! Someone that gets it!

    Apr 13, 07:45 PM
    Anyone actually planning on buying this? Especially with a refresh right around the corner?

    Aug 19, 10:07 PM
    Latest Skype beta works quite well. I use a blue-tooth headset with my macbook and the results are really incredible.

    Whats happening with iChat, are they getting it to work with MSN Messenger networks like with AOL?

    I have just switched to Mac, and it's annoying I cant Video Conference with any MSN Messenger users (MSN Messenger on Mac doesnt support it). iChat is awesome but I have no contacts, lol. Anyone know of any other way, I have tried AdiumX and looked into Jabber.

    Apr 22, 05:36 PM
    There is no way it could be that thin.

    I agree with you. The first thing I thought of was the battery. Unless Apple has made miraculous strides with reeeeeaaaaallly thin batteries, this design would mean about 45 minutes of juice.

    Apr 24, 06:15 PM
    I understand from the news coverage that they attacked her after she used the woman's restroom.

    Her transgender nature, and their reaction to that was absolutely central to this crime. If that isn't a hate crime, I don't know what is.

    I wouldn't want that person in the same bathroom with my daughter.

    Dec 1, 07:31 PM
    Okay, now I might end up being branded as an Apple apologist for this, but this thread is bugging me.

    Really, people, lighten up! It's like the corner of the carpet is smoking a little bit and people start shouting about how the whole house is about to burn down.

    Now, certainly, these issues should be looked at with all due diligence. But do you honestly think that Apple isn't? Do you honestly think that Apple has simple ignored security all this time? Certainly not. The fact that OS X is as secure as it is clearly shows that Apple has done a good job so far. Now, maybe we've crossed an invisible barrier on the scale of the visibility of the platform, and now a lot more people are trying to target OS X, so more vulnerabilities are being found. But, there really is a big difference between a vulnerability and an exploit in the wild. iAdware is the closest thing to a true exploit I've heard of to date, and we don't even know what kind of vector it uses to get itself installed.

    So, really, lay off the heavy handed "Apple has to start paying attention to security" nonsense. The implication that Apple hasn't been paying attention to security is just irritating, to say the least.

    Good points,

    I agree with some of your points. Apple has done a good job historically, and currently with regards to security. I am not worried that my system is going to be taken over, or hacked the moment I go onto the internet, or sign into a public WIFI.

    I do not agree that lower our demands for Apple with regards to security expectations. Now is Apple's chance to prevent getting an image that their competition has, with regards to holes in security. Apple themselves have advertised that Spyware, viruses, etc, are not part of the OS X experience (http://movies.apple.com/movies/us/apple/getamac_ads1/viruses_480x376.mov). In my opinion, that may be received as a challenge, or incentive for someone to make that argument a fallacy.

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