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Porsche 911 Carrera Rs 2.7

Porsche 911 Carrera Rs 2.7. %IMG_DESC_1%
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  • Shannighan
    Nov 27, 07:19 AM
    =] bought it on Tuesday, of course it had to rain on Wednesday so that's why it's all dirty >.>

    More pictures when it's clean :P

    I just bought a mazda 3 to on Monday, I love it, its fun to drive to.

    I too have a Mazda 3 (2010), it is a lot of fun to drive, except the pickup can be weird some times. I drove it down to Pittsburgh once and it was a lot of fun on the thruway.

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  • vartanarsen
    Apr 26, 01:22 PM
    how hilarious would it be if we saw those Martin Glick lawyers in the courtroom all using iPhones LOL!

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  • kelving525
    Sep 20, 11:13 PM
    ah, thanks clarifying that. it was kind of hard to tell from some of the pictures. their website said something about "direct access". is it hard to get to the buttons? especially the sleep button?

    They can be a little difficult if you're using it with your left hand seeing that Apple has tucked the volume rocker a bit back compared to last generation. The sleep button is perfectly fine, though. :)

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  • starnyc
    Apr 26, 01:25 PM
    The general population never heard the term "App" until Apple released the iPhone.

    Nor did the general population ever shop for Apps online until Apple built the App Store.

    The abbreviation "App" used in conjunction with "store" to denote an online marketplace in which to buy applications is a unique combination that is not known in generic parlance.

    Apple will win this.

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  • PodPacker
    Mar 26, 10:30 PM
    Just got my hands on the latest DVDs and I hope to have this (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161350&cm_re=his_6870-_-14-161-350-_-Product&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-na-_-na-_-na&AID=10446076&PID=3640352&SID=skim292X457X738749bfb67cbcce684cebad603a1577) soon. I'll let you guys know how it turns out on my Mac Pro 3,1

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  • sappy1
    Sep 15, 12:03 PM
    I don't see how. I saw it being reported on the national evening newscasts and on the front pages of newspapers. How much more reporting could there possibly have been?

    On TV, everyone was reporting that the antenna was affected only if you touched it at the black stripes. For me, touching the antenna almost anywhere made the signal go down.

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  • Tonsko
    Jan 9, 03:53 AM
    Pretty fly zmmer with nice rims! Not tempted to squeeze 17/18s on? (Assuming it won't **** up the running gear/handling)

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  • tmroper
    Mar 24, 01:47 PM
    Maybe something to do with the mythical next release of Final Cut Studio?

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  • Robot-Rock
    May 2, 04:32 PM
    This concept might seem alien to a lot of MacRumours users, but being a 'switcher', the method of deleting any app on OS X currently seems very ad hoc. I've been a mac user now for about 4 years and yet the idea of having to delete an app by dragging it to the trash seems very... strange. You never know if you've deleted ALL of that program.

    Microsoft have managed to get one thing right in Windows. A specific tool (Add/Remove Programs) to delete a program. That's something that I genuinely feel is lacking in OS X and this idea of clicking and holding in LaunchPad makes sense. It's imple enough: most users who own an iPhone will have no trouble in adopting this method. And what's more, it makes it instantly accessible to anyone who uses a mac. In addition, it goes a step further than Microsoft. It avoids making more novice users from having to delve in to a complex window of settings. A step in the right direction? I think so!

    So personally, I think this is a very simple yet very effective change to make to OS X and should be a welcome sign of the things to come in Lion!

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  • PharmD
    Aug 6, 09:04 PM
    Well, they weren't kidding about Tiger being "long before Longhorn". I'm excited to see what they have cooking. Thankfully I'll be at work until 6 EST so I can come home, boot up MR and read all about it.

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  • RaceTripper
    Jan 6, 04:48 PM
    ...and started to run roughly at 70,000 miles when idling. Dealer said it was due to my dad putting 87 in the tank when BMW recommends 91/93....There's a reason BMW says to use high-octane fuel. If you don't use the recommended fuels and fluids and the engine starts to get rough, you can't entirely blame BMW.

    I run my BMW and MINI on 91/93 always. My 70K miles 330ci purrs like a kitten.

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  • MacFan782040
    Nov 27, 03:28 PM
    Well think about it...all Apple's consumer products have iSights built in for "video-confrencing out of the box". If they want to push the MacMini, they will need a low-end display with a built-in iSight for this.

    Sell it seperately at $249.

    Maybe bundle a MacMini/display together?

    MacMini- $599
    bundled display- $200

    $799 for a computer/display + mouse/keyboard

    ...your talking less than $900 for a full Apple system-not bad!

    *And for everyone saying 17" is too small... Think of all the people who bought MacBooks at 13.3"! Nobody I know that has one uses an external display.

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  • whooleytoo
    Jul 18, 06:41 AM
    OK, I'm just going to do the maths...

    Let's see, divide by 1024.....carry the one....add 6...average speed of an unladen swallow...take the inverse and...

    The answer is: Very BIG!!


    With those math skills let me guess.. you work for NASA? Or British rail? Or counting votes in US elections? (Or in the Irish government.. "one for you, two for me, one for you.." ;) )

    How big are the music videos? I can't download them, so I can't determine the size, but if you knew the size of a music video, and you know its duration is roughly 5 minutes, you can extrapolate from that the approximate size of a 1:30 movie (i.e. multiply file size by 18). Multiply by 8 to convert to bits, then if you have (say) a 1Mbps connection, the math is easy peasy.

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  • Outrun1986
    Oct 12, 04:38 PM
    Does anyone know where I can get a maroon case?

    I don't want a silicon or a hard case, so it would have to be something else, preferably a case like the belkin grip vue, which seems to be the best case out there so far.

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  • ftaok
    Mar 25, 05:12 PM
    naysayers are probably more concerned with the fact that you can't look at the tv screen while fumbling for the touch controls on the ipad; physical buttons enable the player to just feel for the controls, without having to look down and miss the action on tv. the only games that would work for this are racing games, where you just tilt the ipad.

    what a world of difference some buttons would make <sigh>

    Well, couldn't someone make a BT D-pad controller and develop dual screen games for the iPad2?

    Other games that could work with this set-up are RPGs and strategy games where a second screen comes in handy.

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  • ready2switch
    Oct 23, 09:36 AM
    Apple needs to get away from making such a big deal our of small updates (processor change) as Intel will have such things changing more often than motorola or ibm ever did. apple should reserve such announcements and hoopla for major revisions or complete overhauls. based on recent benchmarks there is little performance improvement in these new chips save for the speed bump.

    Agreed. Exactly why C2D should have been dropped in a month ago alongside the major PC manufacturers. While Merom is a necessary update for Apple's new place in the world of Intel, it's not really that big. Save the hype for enclosure redesigns and other major changes.

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  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 18, 07:56 AM
    Would you rather have the Libyan people (who have called for help!) slaughtered by Gaddafi?

    How very humanitarian (and dramatic) of you.

    Can you please provide a chart of how many "slaughtered" we are required to acknowledge before we take military action? I would like to know what the threshold is.

    ...Because I have a hard time believing this is the only aggressive dictator in existence at this moment. If I have to choose between Libyans being slaughtered/not slaughtered, I want you to choose which atrocities in the world to respond to, and which to ignore. Be prepared to to explain why you did not depose Dictator "X" who was violating human rights as opposed to Libya's Dictator "Y." Or, in the odd chance you would choose to involve the USA in every single non-democratic nation with an unloved and power-hungry misanthropic leader, you may demonstrate how such a widespread show of American force might affect world opinions of our foreign policy, particularly in regions of the world where we may already be viewed as imperialist heathens.

    For extra credit, you may describe in 100 words or less how either selective or across-the-board military responses benefit economic or social problems within the United States itself.

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  • banjomamo
    Jul 14, 01:26 AM
    I think it will be at least 12 more months before bluray shows up in an Apple machine - at least as a standard. The only real hint I have seen is that they already let you author the HD-DVD spec video in DVD SP. Maybe because the Bluray specs werent done in time for that release though.

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  • MacSween
    Sep 14, 09:07 AM
    I don't know of anyone having a problem with the new iphone! I know that it is possible to make the reception problem happen, but I could also "make" reception problems happen on every cell phone I've ever owned.

    Apr 2, 07:24 AM
    Itms doesn't make any money for Apple, [...]

    What are you talking about? iTMS not generating profit? Geez, check your facts!

    So why not go for the lower end of the market - eg: like they did with the old "LC"s machines. People buy software but they don't want to shell out alot of money for hardware.

    Yeah, right. A $2500 "low-cost" computer. :rolleyes:
    Again, check the facts.

    Apr 21, 11:20 AM
    Read the letter. I'd like an open response from Apple which specifically answers those questions.

    Apr 23, 07:38 PM
    I live in MA and it was on the Boston news channels, CNN, MSNBC, Ars Technica, etc. It hit all of the major news outlets.

    Mar 22, 03:21 PM
    ooooh. the rare red-crested triple-post!

    It's an endangered species, but that's not going to stop the moderators from coming by eventually and shooting it :D

    Apr 12, 08:47 PM
    From what I understand that was Steve Job's doing. The guy made a separate simple movie app, and Jobs liked it so much he decided to make it the new iMovie.

    I remember the keynote... He was on vacation and wanted a super easy way to edit his home movie. So he whipped up this "new" program to do it. Steve liked it and it became iMovie. And in the process threw 50 years of video editing out the window. Great if you've never edited before, but if you want to edit, iMovie isn't an option. If you want to slap together a super quick video, it's almost faster to cut and paste clips in a QT7 window then use iMovie now.
    Speaking of that. I really hope they fix QTX today also, at least bring it up to par with QT7 in features.

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