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Undercover Boss Tv Show

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  • MattG
    Aug 7, 07:23 AM
    In addition to printing and font management, how bout adding to the list networking access. The way one accesses networks in Windows seems much more straight forward, consistent, clean and intuitive in Windows XP than it does in OS X. That's my oppinion anyway. Maybe that's just me. Anyone else agree???

    Totally agree...that's one aspect of Windows that I do like better. Local networking on my Macs seems very sluggish compared to Windows.

    Ever connect your laptop to a share on the network at work, put the laptop to sleep without disconnecting that share and then bring the computer home? Once the computer notices the share is no longer there, it basically hangs for about 30 seconds until it asks you to disconnect. Windows handles stuff like this MUCH better.

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  • edinz
    Jan 7, 08:54 PM
    ITV is a private independant TV channel in the UK so Apple may run into trouble with that name for it's home media centre.

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  • undercover boss tv show

  • skeep5
    Aug 26, 02:32 PM
    Like this?


    gawd i hope i don't get banned for that!

    uhm.... ok.

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  • Macky-Mac
    Mar 31, 01:35 PM
    Japan? Yes. The Nazis? Certainly not. The Soviets defeated the Nazis......

    To say any one country defeated the nazis really isn't true. It's as unreasonable a claim as rasmasyean's wargasmic fantasy :p

    As it was, the nazi invasion of russia came very close to success. Would the soviets have defeated the nazis if germany hadn't also been engaged in northern africa and then italy and western europe at the same time they were fighting the soviets? Would they have have beaten Hitler if he hadn't gone against the advice of his generals and made some disastrous decisions? Didn't the Persian supply corridor factor into the soviets being able to hold off the germans? etc etc etc

    The reality is that the allied forces beat the nazis and not any one country.

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  • Chris Bangle
    Jan 7, 01:41 PM
    Apple=30years ipod=5years website=10 years apprently... Any other momentous birthdays?

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  • FFTT
    Nov 25, 04:06 PM
    Those slow old Core Duo minis put my $2700 Beige G3 tower to shame.

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  • jmelrose
    Oct 23, 09:46 PM
    Does anyone really think Apple would do a major hardware update without a press conference of any kind?

    I just don't see this being a thing beyond a speed bump and upgraded hard drive. No price bump, no added features, no change in case. No change in display. MAYBE a faster DVD burner. That's it.

    THe big show will be saved for, well, the big show. (MWSF)

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  • goobot
    Apr 2, 09:13 PM
    so basically they are telling us the only difference is that it is faster lighter and thinner and we should buy a new one for that. O ya we got a back camera that is useless to 99% of us and a front for facetime which again almost no one uses.

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  • TallManNY
    Apr 19, 11:15 AM
    My Mom's iMac is on its last legs. I think I got it for her in early 2006 and its screen is having some streaking problems. Otherwise it still works, but a lot of the latest Apple software won't load on it. Once the refresh is out, I'm handing down my early 2008 iMac. That will be a big upgrade for her. I will get a new one for myself. I'm excited!

    I suspect I will do what I always do though, I will look into the Mac Pro, price it out, hesitate, and then go buy the iMac again. I can never justify the money for the Pro.

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  • blacktape242
    Mar 22, 04:35 PM
    I will just continue to use my iphone as my ipod like everyone else.......

    Sent from my Iphone

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  • MacMan86
    Apr 23, 11:44 AM
    for all your defending of this feature ... can you give me even one positive reason this is good for the average person that out-weighs the negative ones ... just one

    Well that's easy - it seems the purpose of this file is to help you find your location quickly. Without this cache you'd waste bandwidth, time and battery power to look up information that was fixed (cell tower locations). It also means your phone can find your location when you don't have GPS signal, or simply not bother to turn GPS on, which is a win because it consumes so much power. Seems like a pretty compelling use to me. Read this for more info: http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=12432603&postcount=16

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  • mrgreen4242
    Sep 6, 01:49 PM
    Terrified to see that my MBP's 1.83 Ghz Core Duo is now in Apple's lowest line of computers... It does what I need it to, but it must be worth half the value it was 6 months ago ($1,999.99). Even more terrified that my ex got a black MB that has a better processor then mine. And she only uses it for papers and chatting! :eek:

    Welcome to the world of Intel Macs. Tech is going to be moving much faster now... at least you have a real GPU.

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  • fastlane1588
    Sep 5, 08:37 AM
    come on mbp!

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  • strabes
    May 2, 04:38 PM
    I'm just wondering if this is a more thorough way of deleting the app. Like, taking out app support and preferences unlike when you just drag the app into the trash. Does this simply move it to the trash or does it take care of everything in the background?

    I think it is basically making 2 ways to delete an app, which I suppose will be more "user friendly" for people coming to Mac from the iDevices halo. But again, wondering if this actually cleans the apps crap up.

    You'd probably appreciate this app: http://onnati.net/apptrap/

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  • oracle_ab
    Apr 27, 08:24 AM
    "App Store" is a trademarked name of a particular store. "appstore," or "app store" in generic terms and context is a description of a particular thing. How hard is it for these companies to understand that that's possible? Just the same as "Windows" vs. "windows." Actually, I think they do get it, but they don't want "App Store" associated only w/ Apple so they can jump on the bandwagon and (continue to try to) confuse consumers.

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  • Spoony
    Apr 26, 02:23 PM
    This debate made me think of this. Now that I've thought about it more this is actually really interesting. Reminds me of Kleenex, or Xerox. Name becomes famous with what it does and becomes generic. I know this is different but made me think of it.

    Once trademarked generic words include:

    etc... goes on and on.



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  • Tmelon
    Apr 2, 04:31 PM
    Is anyone else losing their toolbar buttons and address bars in the toolbar when they enter Safari into fullscreen mode? I'm getting just a solid graphite bar at the top of the screen when I go into fullscreen. Tabs aren't showing in fullscreen either. This wasn't happening in DP 1.

    I've been using a keyboard shortcut to remove the toolbar altogether when I don't need it, but that doesn't affect the solid graphite bar. Right now I need to exit fullscreen if I need to use the toolbar at all, and either way I still have the hardly-useful block of graphite at the top taking up some of the screen.

    That block of graphite at the top should contain your Address bar, Back/Forward and search bar. DP2 autohides the tab bar and the favorites bar until you bring your mouse to the top of the screen. There's a screenshot of it earlier in the thread.

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  • N10248
    Mar 24, 01:35 PM
    But for something like the MBA, where your options are a C2D or iX CPU, and a GPU that's runs like it's 2+ years old, vs a new GPU and a newish CPU, I'll choose AMD over Intel any day of the week.

    Unless Apple gets clever and uses ThunderBolt for connecting external graphics cards, after all it is a PCI-E based connector.

    Edit: Travis beat me by moments

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  • VanNess
    Jul 20, 02:27 AM
    Most likely it would work exactly like how a normal streamed QuickTime movie downloads. It buffers for a few minutes, and then you can start watching it, and it downloads in the background, and saves it to file letting you watch it again for X times/days. This is exactly how Movielink works.

    Ah, ok, thanks for the info. I never used Movielink and I'm not familiar with it. I've never steamed any content that would even approximate the length of a hollywood movie, with the possible exception of S. Jobs keynotes. So far, H264 seems to serve those very well. (Except for the first week or so, when it seems the server is bombarded.) In any event, I don't think that content is actually downloaded to disk as its streamed.

    On the other hand, movie trailers (like Apple Quicktime trailers) are downloaded in the background to some secret location on the disk as they are watched, and, although they usually perform well, occasionally they hiccup (stall momentarily) for whatever reason (traffic, general internet latency), sometimes even the regular non-HD ones. So if Movielink has figured out a way to provide a bulletproof buffer for streaming high-quality (DVD) content over regular US DSL, great. Maybe Apple can one-up them with even higher, H264 quality.

    But if the stream ever stalls, even momentarily, count me out. My gauge for judging (and accepting) any online Movie service is that it must meet or exceed the present terrestrial-based DVD experience. There is a local DVD rental store within 2 blocks of where I live. That modest, unassuming little establishment happens to be Apple's and Movielink's greatest competition in my book. They have to give me a compelling reason not to go there.

    Oct 24, 01:21 AM
    BINGO - as i said in a previous post.

    Santa rosa is the one to hang out for. core2duo merom is the equivalent of an "Apple Speed Bump next tuesday".

    Nothing to cream over. Nothing to hold off for :rolleyes: :p


    Me thinks thou doest protest too much! Don't worry, your Yonah MBP will still be OK!

    Merom is an "evolutionary," not "revolutionary" upgrade for MBPs. Santa Rosa will also be "evolutionary." A little faster FSB, NAND technology, 802.11N ... all nice items, but not fantastic. A nice upgrade, but unless accompanied by a major case design, also "nothing to cream over" for most buyers.



    Mar 19, 03:14 PM
    Granted, it's life is far from over but I get the impression that Apple is telling me that unless I am willing to pony up $2500.00 - $3000.00, that my only options are either old or unupgradable products.

    Actually it's $1800-3000, for a G5 64 bit computer. Where do you buy your computers from? No wonder Apple can't dispell the myths even Mac users don't know how much they cost!

    Jan 1, 10:46 PM
    i thought the iPhone rumor was laid to rest?

    Jun 23, 09:17 AM
    iOS would need a considerable amount of additions to replace OSX.

    Currently iOS does not allow third parties to add drivers for their own attaching products to make services etc available for multiple applications.

    MIDI is one such example.

    Apr 21, 11:21 AM
    Looks like a new ...gate is brewing.

    Let's call it TrackerGate.

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