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  • Surely
    Sep 13, 02:54 PM
    My girlfriend and I have tried to stop by on a few occasions but it's always enormously packed when we go (our own fault for only being in the area on Friday & Saturday nights) and we end up going to Corner Bar up the street instead. But it's definitely at the top of my to-do-soon list. :)

    The trick is to go early for dinner.

    If it's too lined up, Fionn McCool's next door is fun.

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  • m3digi
    Apr 18, 12:17 AM
    I'm a little confused. People want to play games on this?

    Would not be my first choice for gaming (not that I play games, but I did do flight sims once)

    Is there anything else I should be concerned about? Maybe external monitor resolution? Movies?....I don't think so.

    Big problem for intensive video stuff perhaps? but then again; an Air?


    Some of the things I've seen people propose for the MacBook Air are completely ridiculous. There are Pro offerings currently available that meet these requirements. Yet, somehow people have this idea that the MBA should have Pro capabilities, a multitude of connectivity options, and ultra efficiency in an ultraportable form factor.

    Doesn't that seem to defeat the point of the system being named MacBook 'Air'?

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  • 0815
    Apr 26, 12:22 PM
    You wouldn't consider paying $20 per YEAR?

    I'm amazed how people always expect to get everything for free ... they want to have the best of the best without paying anything because the think they just 'deserve' it ...

    Hell, why would you assume they are not charging for it?

    The usual pattern is to get some small teaser for free (either time limited or small storage amount) to get you hooked and when you like it you pay for it. [Just like I got hooked on the free dropbox and now pay for the 100GB plan because I love it so much]

    And seriously: $20/year is almost free.

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  • tigertazz
    Apr 22, 04:29 PM
    Just a thought

    But apple have hired the carbon fibre specialist? Why not make it lighter and thinner by using him to work his magic over the iPhone form factor. I'd go for a CF iPhone to be sure. :cool:

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  • iSamurai
    Apr 22, 09:38 AM
    That's just another reason to upgrade from the iPhone 4 in 2012 :)

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  • SMM
    Dec 3, 02:43 PM
    Judging by the progression in the poll numbers, looks like FUD is gaining traction.

    Does that surprise you, or is it just a comment? Right now, MS is in the highest stakes game it has been in for many year, maybe ever.

    The mighty giant has been pantsed. The cut-throat business practices of the past are not only well-known, but are also being scrutinized.

    MS does not have the best PC OS/Desktop and that is now a known fact by many.

    The business community, long a MS stronghold, has grown weary of paying predatory licensing fees for MS backoffice and the desktop. MS does not want to give this up. They want to keep their stranglehold on this market. Purchasing managers are taking a hard look at alternatives, like Apple.

    Vista...so much is riding on Vista. it absolutely has to succeed for them. If after five years, with all of its' vast resources, Vista cannot beat OSX, Redmond's reputation, and credibility, is going to suffer badly. The floodgates may open. The wildcard is Leopard.

    MS could not delay Vista any longer. But, Redmond knows Apple has the last play. Steve just has to love the position he is in. MS has to play their hand and he can come in and trump it at will. At most, Vista could draw Windows even with Tiger, although most thing this is fanciful thinking on their part. MS is definitely scared by what is coming next (and when).

    So, we are going to see even more of this message board trolling and FUD. There are many obvious 'newbie' troll posts. But, I am also seeing some 'moles' trolling too. Some of them showed up many months ago and are now regulars. What they are doing is providing newbie support.

    The newbie comes on with a troll post, and bam, he gets a regular, or two to give legitimacy to the disinformation. The thread is off and running. Another tactic I notice is the thread subject troll. The subject line is written to be very negative, but then the first post is very much toned down, sometimes even apologetic, "Sorry for venting, I know this is rare...", that type of stuff. The damage is done and no one is aware it was a disinformation attack.

    The stakes are high and MS has been found guilty in court of doing the things I am describing. This is not the ranting of a paranoid. I happen to know a considerable amount about disinformation and the tactics involved. With a little work, you can see the same things. Look at the post history for those making anti-Apple posts. The critical eye can discern the inconsistencies in what they write.

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  • skunk
    Apr 24, 07:02 PM
    I would beat the hell out of any dude that was in the same bathroom as my daughter.Define "dude".

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  • Steve121178
    May 3, 08:19 AM
    Not really sure why Apple can't bring themselves to put an i7 by default in a $2,000 machine. That's kind of ridiculous.


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  • Jswoosh
    Apr 28, 11:38 PM
    Uhh... this thread is about LAST Tuesday... Or do you guys just plan on recycling it every week??

    No this thread is about this upcoming Tuesday. You know the one in 5 days from now.

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  • bluebomberman
    Jul 11, 02:46 PM
    Steve already knew this was going to happen. They're ready.

    I hope so, but I won't say it's a given.

    Supposedly, Bill Gates and other Microsoft top brass were obsessed with the decline of the big great corporations (IBM being one of the best examples). Yet Microsoft has been (arguably) slowly heading in that direction as it tends to stumble in markets where they can't exercise their monopolisitc power (as in anything not OS or Office related).

    And Apple's quite familiar with monumental success and decline from past experience. So we'll see. But for once, the roles are reversed.

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  • clintob
    Oct 23, 10:27 AM
    Why is anyone surprised about this? It goes without saying that MS will try to squeeze every dime they can out of Vista, and that includes making non-PC users pony up for the most expensive version. It's the way it's always been with MS... nickel and dime all the way. Just yet another checkmark in the "why I can't get away from MS fast enough" column.


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  • joueboy
    Apr 28, 04:43 PM
    So you've waited this long for the white iPhone 4, then you put it in the case!? ROFL!

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  • MSUSpartan
    Apr 9, 07:25 PM
    @Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/davecsparty/5604110585/)


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  • Plutonius
    Apr 26, 04:02 PM
    Fixed :)

    By saving yourself, you hurt the village :eek: .

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  • reputationZed
    Apr 17, 11:16 AM
    I guess we won't know until some Apple engineer forgets one in a bar.

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  • Moyank24
    May 1, 11:42 PM
    Yeah, it's all about one guy who was leader of the bad men. And none of the bad men could think for themselves, and now he's gone, they won't know what to do - and we'll all be happy and safe.
    Sleep well!

    I don't think anyone believes that this will be the end of terrorism. Just like America wouldn't collapse if our President was assassinated. But it would still be a pretty big deal right?

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  • gnasher729
    Jul 24, 10:52 AM
    50%? Did you forget how much Macs cost? One of the main reasons Dell has such a huge market share is because they are so cost effective and come with great bundles aimed at the average person. 50% of computer users could never afford a Mac.

    What third world country are you living in, where 50% of computer users could never afford a Mac?

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  • Moyank24
    Apr 30, 03:31 PM
    Ummm, I'm not sure this game is over yet... there's still an infected Villager out there...

    That's what he said. Reread what he wrote.

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  • Pegamush
    Mar 31, 12:31 PM
    i'd love if every application would have a different "top bar" color. that would be great for fast recognition/switching between apps,
    blue/green itunes,
    gray safari
    violet mail
    leather ical
    i'm just guessing

    Apr 30, 10:57 AM
    add to that AAC is not exactly a free. It has licencing cost to it. Mp3 is complete free and open.

    Yes, and that matters to consumers....how?

    Apr 12, 12:24 PM
    iPhone 5 rumors are more all over the place than the white iPhone 4/PowerBook G5/iTunes subscription rumors

    Apr 29, 04:16 PM
    The artists must be thrilled :rolleyes:

    If they sell more songs, amass larger fanbases and get more people going to live events and concerts I bet they'd be thrilled too. (Norolleyes)

    Apr 14, 12:23 AM
    I wonder if anyone has been waiting on getting a iPhone 4 because white hasn't been released yet. Well 10 months later here you go.

    Jul 28, 12:40 PM
    Microsoft has waited WAY too long to make any type of impact on the portable music device industry. iPod has been around now for too long, and has too strong of a grip on the marketshare for anyone to try to threaten their hold. This Zune thing will have to have some aspect to it that is totally it's own for anyone to take any notice to it whatsoever.

    It has something unique, look at all the press covering it now, and how many of us are talking about it.

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