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  • HiramNL
    Jul 17, 02:37 PM
    Pages needs real wordprocessing tools, like cross-references, bibliography, and an outline view. If that's what's in store with Pages 3, I'll be very pleased.

    That said, I use Pages 2 every day already, for both copywriting and page layout jobs. It runs quite nicely on my MacBook.

    As far as a grammar tool is concerned: that's a useless feature. It never works, in any app, on any platform. And people should simply learn grammar, if they want to write something. It would make much more sense for Apple to include dictionaries and thesauri for other languages. We're not all Americans!

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  • NickZac
    Dec 31, 08:24 AM
    I'm sorry, if you struggle to lose weight, you're not doing it right. Losing weight is dead easy. Keeping it off is dead easy too. Have your doctor check for any health problems which might prevent you from losing weight or recheck your food intake vs energy expenditure.

    Losing weight is a very simple formula : Calories in < Calories out. Change the symbol around and you gain weight. Make it = and you keep your weight.

    A lot of people don't understand this very simple mecanic which is the very basis of weight control. When you have this part down to a science, you can adjust the food intake to provide fibers/vitamins/proteins that you need.

    In a physical sense, weight loss is simple. Burn more calories than you consume. Keeping it off means burning the same amount of calories you consume. Eating certain foods (ex broccoli, tea, DARK chocolate) have beneficial effects and are proven to increase the metabolism. Yes, the mechanics behind it are easy.

    Now, the psychological aspects of weight control are anything but simple. Food is addicting, especially extremely processed foods (ex: McDonalds cheeseburgers). Many people eat because they are overweight, and they are also overweight because they eat. Many people have not been taught good nutrition and there are places in which eating well is virtually impossible. A study conducted by a government public health organization that I worked for has found that obese children and adolescents have a lower quality of life rating that children in the same age bracket with terminal cancer.

    Eating food often is an addictive tendency. Yes, to a degree it is individual choice, but it does cause results which hurts all of society as you noted. With that said, you have to see obesity as a problem with multiple causes and that there is almost always an underlying cause (ex: people eat more when they are depressed). The lady in this particular article however defies all logic as larger people do not want to be obese.

    Most importantly, obesity will grow in both prevalence and level of negative effects until a holistic system of living healthy becomes standardized, which thus far, has not occurred to the level needed to start to lower obesity rates. Obesity is both a physical and psychological condition, and I would argue it is also a disease.

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  • baryon
    Apr 28, 05:38 PM
    Maybe they had to make some stuff thicker to avoid light leaks? I mean we all know that light leaks were the cause of the delay, so it would make sense to make the paint thicker to solve the issue.

    Apple doesn't care about case compatibility, as long as their own bumpers fit. If your case doesn't fit, that the case manufacturer's problem, and yours, not Apple's.

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  • snebes
    Apr 14, 05:40 PM
    Does a proximity sensor work off light? (Honest question, I'm ignorant)

    Some light wave. I believe it is infrared, but don't quote me on it.

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  • QCassidy352
    Jul 25, 09:50 AM
    $70 really isn't that bad. All multi-button bluetooth mice cost a fair amount.

    That said, if I were going to buy a new BT mouse (which I'm not, because my 2.5 year old MS one is still kicking) I'd get the radtech BT600 because it has more buttons and can recharge with usb. (it's $60 btw... same range)

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  • Socratic
    May 4, 01:58 PM
    So by your logic, if you end up in court on flagrantly made up charges, you're guilty by implication? Jesus...

    Er, no. That doesn't follow from my logic at all. The poster was asking for proof that this russian site had any kind of problems with the labels "you have no idea what money goes where" or words to that effect were used. The fact that they are in court proves there is a dispute, not guilt.

    I'd be happy to break the argument out for you in formal logic if you are familiar with the logical languages?

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  • sjinsjca
    Apr 14, 05:25 PM
    Can you open a third party app (like a game or news app) that isn't already running in the background and let us know if the launch animation runs or whether it still just "pops" on screen like in 4.3 and 4.3.1 ...

    I've tried several third party apps; they sort of zoom in onto the screen. Is that what you were looking for?

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  • jessica.
    Sep 14, 08:40 AM
    A real estate business?

    A real estate sign making business?
    I deal in wood.
    Now you can redo your setup! Awesome! Congrats!
    Yeah, it is actually the first room I am tackling because it's also how I'm paying for the house. ;)
    Friggin' awesome.

    Congrats. When's the housewarming?

    hah umm Mid November maybe.

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  • Mischka07
    Sep 30, 07:01 PM
    Would it be out of line for me to suggest that AT&T should hire an outside agency to determine what the normal dropped call percentage is in each market, and then offer those markets a monthly discount on their rate equal to that percentage?

    I am in Southern California, Orange County area and would say my dropped call rate is around 20%. I spent some time in San Francisco in July and the service was horrible, my biggest problem was with data and the accuracy of maps ... which can be an issue when you're walking around a town like that and you've never been there.

    Stupid question, but they don't already use an outside agency for that?

    OT: I used to live in Aliso Viejo (OC) and had Cingular for my carrier. Over a 60 day period, the service got so bad in my house I could no longer make/receive phone calls. When I called CS to complain about the service, I was told that the contract I signed never states Cingular was required to provide cell service. I still don't know if that was true or not, but I dropped them that day and went with VZW.

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  • one1
    Apr 17, 06:25 PM

    At first, I thought it was more stable.

    However something seems to have gone wrong with my audio.

    iTunes won't start, when I try it brings up an error message:

    The iTunes application could not be opened. An unknown error occurred (-200).

    There is no sound in Flash videos (Safari or Chrome) is missing, or any sound in Jitsi (VoIP client), or in MPlayer (Video player).

    Strangely enough, QuickTime has sound. Have no idea what's going on here.

    I have some issues with quicktime as well and some other stuff (Can anyone tell me if their auto importer works??!?!) but I was able to clear some issues up by going to the manual download link posted earlier in this thread and DL'ing the update myself and reinstalling it.

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  • HMFIC03
    Apr 13, 04:53 PM
    Apple would be better off having other companies such as Samsung that already put wi-fi receivers in there TVs buy Apple TV licenses.

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  • zap2
    Apr 24, 09:35 AM
    This would make a possible model for Videotron and Wind Mobile in Canada and probably give Apple more carrier options in other countries also. It makes sense in a non-US Centric view.

    And looking at "carrier acquisitions" here, Rogers acquired Fido ages ago, yet even though the networks worked on the same GSM bands, they still haven't merged. An AT&T purchase of T-mobile would probably take years for a merge to even occur, and a few technology changes. AT&T isn't going to retrofit T-mobile's network and change their frequencies, requiring all the existing customer base to change phones.

    So even in a US Centric view, it makes a lot of sense. Basically, don't let an AT&T acquisition of T-mobile trick you into thinking this is a false rumor.

    No, it looks like AT&T is going to get ride of T Mobiles 3G so make room for 4G LTE.

    Its really not a bad idea....turns the purchase of T Mobile into something more then just one time growth. Also unless everyone followed Nokia with pentaband 3G devices, it would start to become a hassle.


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  • spacepower7
    May 3, 12:22 AM
    Ok a couple of things

    Assume Apple and Amazon have the same deals with the record labels which is most likely the case.

    Let's rough estimate that for every $0.99 song sold by Apple or Amazon then 69 cents go to the label. Therefore Amazon does not lose money on the sale but maybe a tiny fraction of a cent on infrastructure and credit card processing.

    If Amazon sold the songs for $0.68 then that would be considered "dumping" by the FTC and WTO, and that is an illegal action, especially if it was intended to gain market share.

    Competition is good - and then results benefit the consumer.
    If Amazon has an incredible increase of market share by selling low, they either have to raise prices eventually or renege their contracts with the labels making music downloads cheaper. If they are successful at lowering prices then Apple will do the same, and we all benefit. ;)

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Jul 29, 04:45 AM
    It will suck like all Microsoft products except for the MS Mouse that is good.

    How come pretty much everthing Apple makes is good except for the Mouse :confused:

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  • SkyeHack
    Jan 30, 12:29 PM

    - MacBook Air
    - iPad
    - iTouch
    - Apple Accessories

    Am I part of the Apple Family Now?

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  • M-O
    Apr 28, 11:47 AM
    how many people held off on the verizon iPhone 4 thinking there would be a verizon iPhone 5 in June?
    Apple's takeover of verizon is still in the early stages.

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  • Danindub
    Jun 6, 11:01 AM
    I don't get what is the fuss about - many times I wasn't happy with purchased app, album, or downloaded something by mistake - and never had problems getting refunds from apple...

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  • EricNau
    Apr 14, 02:40 AM
    It's the mythical xMac! :p
    How do you pronounce that? Ex-Mac or Ten-Mac? ;) :D

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  • dollystereo
    Jul 24, 03:54 PM
    Mighty mouse sux anyway, very bad built quiality.

    Jul 28, 08:42 AM
    Never too late.

    Isn't that what people said when Apple released the iPod - its too late... Now look.

    It's too late for Microsoft - they are just riding Apple's coattails now, in a desperate attempt to create something that can compete with iTunes+iPod...but thats all it is, a desperate attempt :eek:

    May 4, 08:57 AM
    We are always skeptical about such information shared by customer-facing representatives of Apple or associated companies, as those employees are essentially never provided with that level of information ahead of any official announcement.

    And this case is no different. Should not even be page 2.

    Apr 21, 11:09 PM
    Even more entertaining is the fact that Apple is so arrogant they fail to realize how stupid they look.

    Suing their biggest vendor.

    It doesn't get any more stupid than that.

    Do you honestly think Apple don't know what they're doing? They're the most successful company in tech today. And they got there by doing virtually the opposite of what everyone else is. Seems they've got the technology game (including the litigation game) all figured out.

    Samsung doesn't have consumers on their side. Apple does. Samsung doesn't make the hottest products in tech. Apple does. Samsung make internals. That's a mater of logistics.

    Whoever has the consumers attracts business. And consumers are tripping over each other to get Apple gear.

    Besides, these phone patents have nothing to do with supply agreements, nor will they have any effect on supply agreements, so you can stop *wishing* that it will.

    Even if you want to court insanity and assume one will affect the other, Apple has an insane amount of leverage, rendering Samsung as just another supplier among several. In terms of meeting Apple's capacity needs, Apple always has a plan B. It's safe to assume they've got one now. They're pretty untouchable when it comes to planning ahead. Sometimes they can't anticipate just how insane the demand is for their products, but a lot of companies would love to have that problem.

    Oct 24, 01:37 PM
    If I own a PC and I want to run Vista, why would I want to also run Vista, on the same machine, in a virtual environment?

    For Mac users, why would we want to install Vista-(via BootCamp) and then also use it under virtualization?

    More importantly, for Mac users, why would we *want* to run Vista at all? :D Oh, you *have* to for some reason? Sorry to hear that...very unfortunate. :p


    Chase R
    Dec 4, 03:38 PM
    well, im only 17 and .223 is just to expensive for me to shoot...

    and I dont know why I like the sig so much, I was at gander mountain the other day, and was feeling out all of the other .22's and it just feels the best to me...

    it's going to be ether the sig, or the smith and wesson M&P 15-22. that is a nice gun also...

    The .223 is pretty cheap to shoot if you buy bulk ammo. You can get 500 rounds for less than $150.

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