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  • ndbhatt
    07-28 03:10 PM
    I-140 PP is suspended till further notice.

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  • ctrl
    08-23 12:46 PM
    Requested the senator help about the case and found that the following information
    "The File is currently being transferred to Adjudications Officer".
    do you know what is the next step and how soon the Adjudication offices will take the decision?. any Idea?.

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  • gc??
    04-28 02:01 PM
    Read this else where, about I -140s being reopened and labor certification are being questioned. Is this true?

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  • picadilly
    01-27 10:46 AM
    Hello everyone,

    I have been following this forum for quite sometime now. I have an issue and need some advice on that. My husband is on EAD and i am H1. I was with company A for a almost 2 yrs and then I joined company B for a project. They applied for my h1 that came through pretty fast through premium process. the project that I was supposed to start on kind of got scrapped and no dates yet known when that would happen. Now my question is that can i go back to company A as they have a project for me and want me to join them again, if i do that compant B will cancel my H1.Please advice if there are any legal issues that might pertain on this kind of case.



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  • Shqiptari1984
    02-06 04:08 PM
    This is what I want to do :

    I have a scrolling text on a Movie Clip, and I want the user to chose the scrolling speed. An example of what I need, is the scrolling text on the Home Page of www.metallica.com. Please see it, and tell me the script I should use, to do smth like that.


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  • redddiv
    07-23 02:04 PM
    For those who filed after July2, 2007.
    Did your checks get encashed. :(


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  • Raj_345
    07-21 12:06 PM
    I have a offer from an employer and they say that they will be able to provide documentation for GC processing but will not be able to sponsor. What does that mean? Can i hire attorney for my GC processing(EB2) and pay the expenses by myself? What else would be required from the employer?

    Please advise..


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  • chanduv23
    09-14 04:58 PM
    Believe in yourself that you can make up your mind


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  • maacho
    12-09 08:31 PM
    Hi Does Anyone Know Whats Happening With The H1b Increase Or The Opt Period (29 Months) Increase????

    Please Any Info I Will Be GraduatiNG Soon And Dont Want Any Lottery I Wlil Be Screwed If I Dont Get!!!!:mad:

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  • kirupa
    04-29 03:35 PM
    Added your first one up because it actually features some pizza :)


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  • Blog Feeds
    07-02 04:40 PM
    I just had a consultation this week with an engineer working on an H-1B for several years with one of America's best known companies. He's got an unusual skill set that makes him highly valuable to the company and he is a good candidate for eventually getting a green card, something he and his company both want to see happen. Unfortunately, he's in a green card category that will be backlogged for several yaers. But this fellow is facing a real problem. He has three teenage children and is facing paying out of state tuition costs for the universities in...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/06/wa.html)

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  • dolicus
    12-02 02:04 PM
    My I-140 PD is pending since May 1Oth, But no Approval.
    The dates are Hoax, I dont know what Nebraska is doing,
    the Processing says August but I am from May but no Approvals yet.


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  • Macaca
    03-01 11:02 AM
    Some paras from The Myth of the Middle (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/02/28/AR2007022801817.html)

    One explanation for all this is that politicians are acting against the will of their compromise-loving constituents. Another is that Republicans and Democrats are simply being good representatives. We think the evidence supports the second interpretation.

    The Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES) surveyed more than 24,000 Americans who voted in 2006. The Internet-based survey compiled by researchers at 30 universities produced a sample that almost perfectly matched the national House election results: 54 percent of the respondents reported voting for a Democrat, while 46 percent said they voted for a Republican. The demographic characteristics of the voters surveyed also closely matched those in the 2006 national exit poll. If anything, the CCES respondents claimed they were more "independent" than those in the exit poll.

    The CCES survey asked about 14 national issues: the war in Iraq (the invasion and the troops), abortion (and partial birth abortion), stem cell research, global warming, health insurance, immigration, the minimum wage, liberalism and conservatism, same-sex marriage, privatizing Social Security, affirmative action, and capital gains taxes. Not surprisingly, some of the largest differences between Democrats and Republicans were over the Iraq war. Fully 85 percent of those who voted for Democratic House candidates felt that it had been a mistake to invade Iraq, compared with only 18 percent of voters who cast ballots for Republicans.

    When we combined voters' answers to the 14 issue questions to form a liberal-conservative scale (answers were divided into five equivalent categories based on overall liberalism vs. conservatism), 86 percent of Democratic voters were on the liberal side of the scale while 80 percent of Republican voters were on the conservative side. Only 10 percent of all voters were in the center. The visual representation of the nation's voters isn't a nicely shaped bell, with most voters in the moderate middle. It's a sharp V.

    The evidence from this survey isn't surprising; nor are the findings new. For the past three decades, the major parties and the electorate have grown more divided -- in what they think, where they live and how they vote. It may be comforting to believe our problems could be solved if only those vile politicians in Washington would learn to get along. The source of the country's division, however, is nestled much closer to home.

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  • kumar1
    01-15 12:03 PM
    I surrendered all of them to airline staff. I also had 3 of them.


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  • curls are ackcombed and

  • fasterthanlight�
    05-12 08:04 PM
    Used this tutorial (http://www.n-sane.net/tutorials/urban_decay/index.php) to create this effect. Enjoy.

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  • anishNewbie
    10-26 03:55 PM
    Hi every1,

    I am on H1. I got married earlier this year :), my wife is on OPT which expires early next year. She is currently working for XYZ company which would not extend her OPT. We haven't been able to find a job(H1) for her yet.

    Would any of below can cause any problem.
    1. I don't have H1 stamping from my home country??
    2. Her last name is not changed??

    Thank u..


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  • ekaurgcf
    06-01 08:42 PM
    Hi Attorneys,

    If someone could give me your inputs/replies please.


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  • ackcomb the back section.

  • chanduv23
    07-09 06:20 PM
    There seems to be an update on the AILF lawsuit in Murthy.com, we must follow up and keep close watch on these developments

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  • msadiqali
    08-31 11:09 AM
    rfe for me was to give new job offer letter.
    i submitted one two years back. now they had asked for the same thing again,

    11-15 09:52 PM
    IV admins, Alaska's state code is AK, not AL. :)

    I'm in Anchorage, AK. Skiing, fishing, boating, hiking, etc. -- you name it, let's do it. :)
    Thanks for poiintiing this out. Pls try to find others like you stuck in retrogression from yoiur state/company. You can build a state chapter in your state and help organize activities.

    07-14 07:51 PM
    We are very proud of all the guys / gals, who were there.

    If possible, this great group can be divided in sub groups of 25 members each with few key co-ordinators in each sub group.

    This organized team of great people will go a long way to support future drives of IV.

    I know, I should have suggested this before...

    Can we create a mechanism by which we can organize these teams of great members ???

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