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new iphone 5 features

new iphone 5 features. what is the new iphone 5 look
  • what is the new iphone 5 look

  • keltorsori
    Nov 2, 11:38 PM
    Please keep us up-to-date. I've been waiting for VMware now for months.

    new iphone 5 features. The new features of Iphone 5
  • The new features of Iphone 5

  • JAT
    Apr 30, 10:57 AM
    add to that AAC is not exactly a free. It has licencing cost to it. Mp3 is complete free and open.

    Yes, and that matters to consumers....how?

    new iphone 5 features. new iphone 5 features.
  • new iphone 5 features.

  • tdream
    May 3, 08:34 AM
    Since when has the iMac had a TFT display? I thought it had an IPS display??

    TFT = LCD

    IPS = Panel type
    TN = Panel type

    new iphone 5 features. new iphone 5 features.
  • new iphone 5 features.

  • Rocketman
    Apr 13, 09:07 PM
    White iPad. White iPhone. White iMac?MacW(h/r)ite.

    new iphone 5 features. iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5

  • Steve121178
    May 3, 08:24 AM
    Wow. Apple is gradually starting to push more aggressive pricing. $1200 for a quad-core iMac is pretty decent. I'm happy with my "old" i7 for now. But the next iMac upgrade should be pretty amazing. (8-core base model?)

    That's more to do with how Intel price their CPU's. The i5's in particular are extremely affordable, even for the top end model

    new iphone 5 features. at new iPhone 5 features?
  • at new iPhone 5 features?

  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 23, 06:50 PM
    It's obvious that at this point in time sales of any one phone model is going to be quite a bit less than iPhone sales. Model for model, nothing is close.

    new iphone 5 features. The NEW iPhone 5-All Set to
  • The NEW iPhone 5-All Set to

  • Veritas&Equitas
    Jul 11, 03:23 PM
    if MS makes it cheaper than an iPod then Apple might have some trouble.
    Of course it will be cheaper, there is no question. On even comparable products Microsoft always goes with the cheaper price, and Apple can charge a premium right now b/c iPod holds 80% of the market. If something comparable comes out, Apple will be forced to drop their prices.

    new iphone 5 features. new iphone 5 features.
  • new iphone 5 features.

  • Phil A.
    Jul 24, 03:47 PM
    Do people really have that many problems with the scroll ball gunking up? I've had mine for ages and never had a problem with it (maybe I just keep my hands cleaner :D )

    new iphone 5 features. at new iPhone 5 features?
  • at new iPhone 5 features?

  • mc68k
    Oct 29, 10:59 PM
    i was running -8, should i be running -16?

    spotlight shouldnt have been an issue-- it had been on for hours and theres no user accounts on it. raid wasnt on yet.

    not stressing too much about it. it's nice to replace a bunch of random machines (especially imacs) with one big producer that actually has a big fan and is designed to get rid of heat fast. those imacs get so hot i get scared for the components. we've had several go out recently. the fan hole on the back is so small its almost comical. apple can't have a fan on the back thats bigger than the logo! it can't have a hard drive light or a cd eject! that would ruin the aesthetics! can't replace the harddrive without suction cups!! needless to say i hate imacs.

    new iphone 5 features. new iphone 5 features.
  • new iphone 5 features.

  • Pressure
    Oct 24, 08:12 AM
    I think we finally can call the MacBook Pro line competitive with Dell and the rest now ;)

    Not that they already weren't :)

    new iphone 5 features. New iPhone 5 2011 will include
  • New iPhone 5 2011 will include

  • stroked
    Apr 24, 07:06 PM
    Define "dude".

    anyone born with a penis

    except a child of course

    new iphone 5 features. There have been new iPhone 5
  • There have been new iPhone 5

  • calsci
    Jun 9, 08:56 PM
    all i have to say is wow.

    new iphone 5 features. New Iphone 5 | HitnoMetry.com
  • New Iphone 5 | HitnoMetry.com

  • joueboy
    Apr 28, 04:43 PM
    So you've waited this long for the white iPhone 4, then you put it in the case!? ROFL!

    new iphone 5 features. The iPhone 5 Infographic tells
  • The iPhone 5 Infographic tells

  • LethalWolfe
    Apr 30, 01:07 AM
    I'm not sure at what price point predatory pricing becomes an issue, but I would think that Amazon may have crossed that line.
    Predatory pricing becomes an issue for Amazon after it dominates the market place and sets its prices significantly lower than the competition in an attempt to drive them out of business. So, let Amazon capture 70% or 80% more of the legal music download market and then maybe bring up predatory pricing.

    If Amazon is selling music at a loss per song, then the FTC might have a say about that.
    Has no one in this thread heard of a 'loss leader' before? Movie tickets at a theater? Loss leader. Gas from a gas station? Loss leader. Anything on sale (especially Black Friday)? Loss leader. iTunes Store? Yup, some loss leading going on there too.

    Link (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2003/11/07/your_99c_belong/)
    "We would like to break even/make a little bit of money but it's not a money maker," he said, candidly.
    When the conversation turned to rivals such as eTunes and Napster, Jobs said: "They don't make iPods, so they don't have a related business where they do [make money]".

    Link (http://www.businessinsider.com/2008/5/steve-jobs-movie-deal-a-loss-leader-for-apple)

    iTunes' big studio deal announced yesterday? It's going to be an expensive one for Steve Jobs who's taking a loss on each film sold. Some terms from the WSJ: Apple (APPL) is paying $16 to the studios for each new release, and will sell the films to consumers for $14.99.


    new iphone 5 features. new iphone 5 features.
  • new iphone 5 features.

  • Ridley
    Apr 17, 08:42 PM
    According to CNET, the new Air will be released around June with a Sandy Bridge ULV Core i5 2537M chip 1.4 GHz that can turbo to 2.3 GHz.

    So for .17 GHz upgrade we are sacrificing around 30% graphic power?

    Are you talking about this article (http://news.cnet.com/8301-13924_3-20031434-64.html?tag=posts;msg5118115) from back in February that has been discussed ad infinitum on here?


    Are you referring to a newer cnet story? Do you have a link? Thanks, I am personally holding off and really hoping its true... we'll see!

    Also clock rate is not the only factor for determining chip speed... in fact it is a very small factor. The new processor is not just .17 hz faster, its a whole new architecture. Its why the 2.0 Ghz i7 in the 2011 MBPs are faster than the a 3.2 Ghz Pentium 4 Prescott from 2004.

    new iphone 5 features. The new features on the iPad 2
  • The new features on the iPad 2

  • iJohnHenry
    Feb 12, 07:27 PM
    He is bulletproof.

    Sadly, you may be correct.

    Such is life amongst the Bread & Circuses crowd in the U. S. of A.

    new iphone 5 features. iphone 5 features. The new
  • iphone 5 features. The new

  • SactoGuy18
    May 4, 12:07 AM
    In the end, the reason why the iPhone 5 won't come out until this fall comes down to the this: the Great East Japan Earthquake that seriously affected the high-tech companies in the Sendai area.

    Because so many high-precision computer parts are made in the Sendai region, this has interrupted production of the iPad 2 (despite Apple's claims, in my humble opinion!) and also has made it harder for Apple to obtain the components for the upcoming iPhone 5.

    As such, Apple is using the delay to do two, possibly three things:

    1. Give more time for the iOS programming team to polish and get ready iOS 5.0, which may have a major interface revamp. (likely already done)

    2. Gives time for the iPhone hardware engineers to incorporate the near-field communications (NFC) functionality for phone-based payment systems, including full compatibility with the Sony FeliCa system that is widely used in eastern Asia. (now likely to be done with the extra time afforded by a fall release of the iPhone 5).

    3. Gives time for the iPhone hardware engineers to full incorporate the latest Broadcom or Qualcomm cellphone chipset so a single-design phone is fully GSM and CDMA compatible now and be ready for LTE by an update downloaded through iTunes. (likely already done)

    new iphone 5 features. New+iphone+5+features
  • New+iphone+5+features

  • Jason Beck
    Apr 11, 10:54 PM

    Sorry about cutting my hand off, I was holding the camera too with my other hand.

    new iphone 5 features. iOS 5 Features amp; Expected
  • iOS 5 Features amp; Expected

  • Black Belt
    May 5, 02:22 PM
    Apple's new release timeframe has zero to do with phone upgrade eligibility. Thus BS. And I bet AT&T call center people are so tired of Apple owners they probably make shite up just to mess with their minds and they sit around the lunchroom telling the stories. :p

    Apr 15, 02:16 AM
    I believe that it isn't suggesting anything at all. When you go to list the devices that your application is compatible with, that is likely just an exposed extra field for if you wanted to include another device that is capable. It is in my opinion, nothing but a little bug. (Though emulating iOS apps om my Mac would be cool :P)

    That's what I'm thinking. I bet the code that generates that list of devices was just cut and pasted from somewhere else and someone got an extra one in there with this mysterious ix.Mac... thing in place as boilerplate code. I bet it means nothing.

    However, if I were told it was indeed a new device and had to take a guess, I'd say it's becoming more and more likely that Apple is going to try to leverage the popularity of iOS to sell more laptops. Imagine a laptop with a touch screen that somehow could lay down flat and switch into an iOS mode, not emulated, but the real thing. Basically, it would be a laptop that could convert into an iPad. I can imagine a lot of interest in a single device that can run both OS X and iOS.

    Sep 17, 12:25 PM
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmo's Factory

    Oooh! Nice! Well done!

    The Beatles - Abbey Road

    Oh dear, nevermind;)

    Mike Teezie
    May 1, 10:50 PM
    Image (http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lkjsa0vvlq1qzu2tdo1_400.gif)

    That is awesome.

    Apr 30, 12:13 PM
    Is the new Ravenvii and Chrmjenkins' game next? I'm eagerly waiting from the sidelines to see what it will be like.

    Jun 6, 05:31 PM
    As for wanting / not wanting kids. I don't know. Part of me would like kids one day. On the other hand, I'm afraid I'd mess them up.

    Ah, sterile?

    Had I done this as a kid, I would have been beaten for it.
    Not like bamboo cane or whip beating though, just paddle and maybe belt beating. TBH, in retrospect it really wasn't that bad, and I really did learn to be a pretty decent human being. I turned out just fine too, in fact, I'd like to think better than some of my peers. But that's a bit pretentious, so I digress.

    There's obviously a large debate over child punishment though, with adamant supporters on either side of the fence. Which one is right is really a gray zone in my opinion, and while I would like to think soft punishment would be sufficient for my future kids, I definitely see the use for the other side. I think moderation is key in this area; I mean you don't want to see kids running around wild, but at the same time you shouldn't beat your kid senseless. Unfortunately, in today's society everything is construed as child abuse, and I fear that we have strayed a little too far left towards "soft" punishment. But that's just me, I'm sure many of you feel differently.

    That was a little off topic.

    90 day refund policy w/ iTunes, if I do recall correctly; but I'm sure there's many caveats.

    Just bc someone doesn't want children (gasp!!), doesn't mean they can't have them, or even if sterility was the prblem, there's a little thing called adoption. Thousands of unwanted children...

    There are many, MANY parents that SHOULDN'T have children. For one of the posters to say that he doesn't want a child for fear he/she will "mess them up," i applaud you. You actually have forethought and restraint when it comes to coitus and relationships.

    Wow, think of that...someone you thinks *before* they act......maybe a lot more people should take *that* lead...

    Off topic, fine. I didn't bring it up, but if they can insinuate someone is sterile bc they don't want kids, we can have a say in it too.

    On topic, if I had accidentally purchased this same app, and not an 11-year-old, would i have gotten that same refund?

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