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  • ChrisA
    Jul 11, 03:02 PM
    [The Microsoft music player could be a huge success if Microsoft wants it to be. MS could offer them at such a low price they they would sell fast. Of course MS would loose a pile of money on each unit but why would they care if the goal is to run the competition out of bussenis. A $50 player with 10 GB of space would pretty much kill the iPod.

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  • taxiapple
    May 3, 11:47 PM
    OMG....I would NEVER take information as fact from an "ATT customer service agent". I have received so much wrong info or even been dare I say lied to, I would never trust what a random ATT rep said.

    Not to mention, the service reps are so far down the chain of command, they would not have info on when the next iphone is being released.

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  • twoodcc
    Nov 25, 05:04 PM
    I think I have lost 7 -10k points from the 10th 11th and 12th instead of gaining ~60-70k pts. the 10th I had ~3420 the 11th was ~7200 and the 12th was ~3420. now it's ~3420, 0 and I think 0. Don't suppose it would do any good to complain since I don't have any "proof" of what happened.

    Oh well it's just a "game" anyway :rolleyes: and as long as I'm doing something meaningfull that is what really counts anyway. I'm not smart enough to contribute to science myself so this is my way to add to our knowledge of the universe and life.

    Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to everyone everywhere and may your points pile up.

    yeah i'm not sure how i lost, but i know i lost a bigadv unit. but yeah, as long as we're contributing to a good cause, that's what counts.

    and happy Thanksgiving to you as well :)

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  • Abstract
    Nov 11, 02:06 PM
    Yup, believe me i am looking elsewhere for a lower price if possible, and if not i am going to go to my friend that works at nordstroms and have her buy it for me, and if that doesnt happen, i am just going to by them. I have one of the shirts already and i get tons of comments on them.

    Your friends must be old. :eek:

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  • jessica.
    Sep 15, 08:34 PM

    I wouldn't buy Hitatchi, buy hey, it's as you wish...
    Since the only drive that has ever failed on me was this one, I won't buy either. In the 90's they had a huge issue with their QC (IBM was the deskstar). I see so many people who buy them now that in wonder if they're ok. I still shy away from them.

    @surley I.do.want!

    Next purchase for me is a shop vac! :D #boytoysrock

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  • gr8whtd0pe
    Jan 26, 02:04 PM
    Just an FYI, item shows sold out. Missed my window...

    I knew I should have ordered more than one last night. It was a good deal.

    I could care less about campers. They are just noobs who I kill right after I respawn if they get me first..

    Exactly! You see my post on twitter about tinyurl not working? I think you fixed it though...

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  • icstars989
    Apr 21, 10:38 PM
    Good for you Samsung!

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  • Ommid
    Apr 24, 05:16 AM
    Lol, I wonder if you can change that wallpaper to get rid of the phone number?? :D

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  • rstansby
    Jun 6, 04:40 PM
    I always wonder why people decide to respond to the post below mine which says the same thing but with less proof...

    Above I said the same thing with a specific example. It's not as fun to argue with someone who makes a good argument though, is it?


    Great you posted some blog with an interesting interpretation of potential issues with the contract. Do you have any evidence that this policy has been enforced?

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  • BRLawyer
    Dec 2, 10:30 AM
    The guy heading up the MOKB thing said that MacOSX's kernel (XNU) was the easiest kernel to crack. If that makes you feel safe, then go ahead and feel safe, but for me, even though I use extremely good security practices and networking measures, I still would rather have Apple get serious aboud security and start hardening their system more so that guys who are only fuzzing and stress testing can't come up with 10 vulnerabilities in a month.

    The "guy" heading up that thing is sketchy, to say the least...instead of showing yourself as "LHM", be a man and publish your identity as well as your corporate background...one of his points was already debunked, more will follow...he seems much more like someone looking for publicity and page hits than a serious researcher, as others have said in the specialized media. So for me, someone who "says that the OS X kernel is the easiest" is as reliable as someone who says that "oompa-loompa" is a OS X virus in the wild...

    I couldn't care less about its remarks, notwithstanding the obvious need for any company to secure its OS as much as possible.

    For more clarification and less FUD: http://alastairs-place.net/

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  • Jason Beck
    Apr 5, 02:00 AM
    Photo from a shoot today. Getting better at paying attention to my framing for the most part, and really loving my Sigma 50.
    BTW That is a cool pic above me!


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  • rovex
    Apr 28, 04:27 PM
    OMG... it's .2mm thicker. STOP THE PRESSES!

    Apple shouldn't be aloud to state the thickness as being the same as the black iPhone. If they can't even fit into some cases then it's just yet another issue apple has to amend. Honestly, with all the QC issues and delays in the past do they just purposely not tackle issues that surely a competent R&D faculty would inevitably find?

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  • bloodycape
    Jul 12, 03:10 AM
    Hell, the iPod could have a camera as well! if they can put video-cameras on phones, is there any reason why iPod couldn't have one?

    There is a few pmp/mp3 player devices out currently with a camera. There is the Archos Gmini 402CC. The camera quality is a little better than what you get on a normal 1megapixel camera phone and video isn't bad either. Then their is those host of video players that support web/backup camera type cameras via av-ports. So a camera ipod is possible or an accessory to add a camera/video support but it will be kind of a useless feature.

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  • SiliconAddict
    Nov 3, 11:50 PM
    Mine pops up instantly. 2.0 GHz Macbook.

    Whatever dude. 2Ghz\2GB RAM\256MB Video\160GB HD and there is NOTHING instantaneous about Parallels at all. It takes anywhere from 1-2 minutes to resume a session and another 2+ minutes to suspend it. This is with multiple images, several OS X installs, and I know how to tweak Windows with the best of them. Then there is the bug where it likes to freeze the entire system when you change locations. Not always but it�s a common enough thing that I have to stop the session to change locations or risk crashing my system.

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  • JLL
    Apr 1, 03:35 AM
    I thought that the inverse scrolling was a bug, but in Lion Dev Preview 2 it is still there :eek:

    It's user selectable.

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Mar 29, 08:22 PM
    1. Professional conferences cost that much.
    2. Apple sends 1000 of their engineers that you can talk with. Who is Google sending? How accessible are they?
    3. WWDC is more days.

    Number 2 above is one of the reasons that it would be difficult to move to a larger venue. It might accommodate more people, but the real value is getting to talk with Apple engineers and ask questions. If they made the venue larger, your chances of getting to talk with them becomes slim. It's a tough problem to solve.

    It is Apple. Number 2 is not the reason. Chances are moving it to another venue would cost more money which means less profit.
    Google is more than likely just trying to cover cost. Apple is going to try to make a profit.

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  • RBR2
    Apr 13, 08:39 PM
    It's all rather moot till they get authentic to the standard, and use Fiber Optics!

    Substituting old fashioned wire is so misleading.

    A bit faster yes, but nothing like Fiber.

    This is rather amusing. I found this Apple Document (http://images.apple.com/xserve/pdf/L322097A_FibrChnl_TB.pdf) about Fibre Channel. You will notice that Apple has copper cables available. It would be interesting to compare Fibre Channel with Thunderbolt. Apart from TB integrating video, TB looks a lot like an evolution of Fibre Channel.

    As TB progresses the transfer rates should increase which can only be good.

    Moot? Whatever.

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  • striker33
    Apr 22, 09:18 AM
    The main reason I bought the current MBA in January was for the C2D/Nvidia combo and I love it. It handles everything I throw at it including gaming on the LAN with my son. My fear is that the next MBAs will be graphically crippled compared to the current models. But time will tell. :)

    Also, my current MBA runs silent and cool. Seeing all the current heat issues with MBs and MBPs running Sandy Bridge it will be interesting to see how cool or silent the SB MBAs run.

    Thats probably because the new MBPs completely obliterate the MBA in terms of specs. Run a photoshop render, any render you like, on both machines, you'll see a HUGE difference. The are quiet up till around 70c, which only happens when gaming or doing anything CPU intensive, the same as the MBA.

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  • Michaelgtrusa
    May 3, 07:47 AM
    Looks good.

    Jul 10, 10:38 AM
    Good to see. I can't wait to buy it in 07. Knowing this was going to be released stopped me from getting Iwork 06...

    Nov 4, 09:51 AM
    Will it support playing graphic intensive Windows games? That's the only think Parallels doesn't do for me.

    In general you won't want to use any kind of virtualization solution for something processor & video intense like this. You'll want to just use boot camp.

    Apr 22, 07:19 PM
    I just want to say that when the iPhone 4 pics first leaked, there was a huge howl about how ugly it was.


    I remember reading all those comments... we as people just don't like changes... :rolleyes:

    Apr 14, 01:49 AM
    It's not really outdated in the sense that it is still the best and latest iPhone out there. But I know what you are getting at.

    Well I think I would be an unwise consumer to pay full upgrade price for old tech. If there is no iPhone in June, I might give Apple a little time to tell all of us whose contracts are up what their plan is, but I doubt I'm going to be willing to hold onto an old phone long enough to see what Apple has in store. At that point I'll give serious consideration to another platform, but I'll resist it as much as possible because I do enjoy Apple hardware. I will not, however, tolerate horrible update cycles and pay full price for them. If that's going to be Apple's game, I won't be playing.

    Jason Beck
    Apr 15, 12:56 AM
    Can I have that dog???

    She's a good little mutt we bought for 10$ outside walmart haha. Chiuahua / Blue Heeler mix. It's a cute thing, pretty strong and playful. Thats my fave pic yet of her. She's like 3-5 months old now.

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